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Building Morbid items on Lifesteal heroes in General Discussion
Feed and Blame

    ^^ like naix, wk etc. Wanted to get some advice, is it worth it even though the lifesteal stacks? Or is it better to go for damage items to get the most out of ur existing lifesteal?

    "TheKid belowMeIs an ass"...

      armlet is enough

      carry water

        mom can be OK, but satanic is usually a no. Vlads only on support wk

        Feed and Blame

          thanks for the advice guys, one more thing, for WK damage (for higher crit) or att speed (to get crit more often)?


            ac is pretty convenient, cuz it gives u as and armor reduction (hence higher crits). mjollnir is also good.
            but something else - i looked at your WK matches in game history. You should try to get comfortable w dagger on WK. It will give you much more than any other item if you understand and use dagger in normal skill games .

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            carry water

              On almost every carry it is important to get a mix of both attack speed and damage, it isn't usually efficient to just stack 1 or the other

              So on wk you might go treads midas blink armlet basher or something, get both attack speed and damage with some armor

              If you want to skip dagger, mom and sny become a lot better on WK. they make you harder to kite and mom in particular makes you impossible to ignore. Just beware dying too fast because you activated mom into 5 people

              Other items worth trying to see how they "feel" on WK are blademail, Radi, and mjolnir. All are good situationally, blademail has some sick synergy with mom and the AoE from radi/MJ also


                MoM, blade mail, armlet on wk is strong

                Dire Wolf

                  I wouldn't build +dmg on wraith king just for the +dmg aspect. Build for other stuff he needs.

                  Armlet is the best dmg per gold item when active and since wk can sustain it with his built in lifesteal is amazing on him.

                  AC is really good because wk has extremely low armor. Sven and slardar at 16 have around 10 armor, wk has around 6, pretty significant. He benefits a lot from armor vs right clickers.

                  For +dmg items, mkb if enemy has dodge, deso if you need tower dmg or are way ahead and tanky enough as is, basher/abyssal if you need lockdown.

                  Satanic is fine on wk and lifestealer for late game instead of a heart, just don't build it til like you're 4th or 5th item. Like on lifestealer, phase, armlet, s&y, ac, satanic. WK, treads, dagger, armlet, ac, basher, satanic. Something like that order.


                    Id rather build wk like this:

                    Vs tanky heroes: tread-blink-armlet-heart(armlet always on).

                    Vs squishy burster: tread-blademail-blink-armlet-heart.

                    Armlet is just too good to passup on LS and WK and with heart that alwaya toggled on armlet is just the best feeling.


                      mom wk works sometimes

                      carry water

                        heart on wk is honestly just so awful