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Brewmaster wrecks low skill in General Discussion
Ibram Gaunt

    This hero is so OP in my mmr range if you have somewhat decent micro

    you cant loose teamfights at all. tornado on their damage dealer, flame spirit following the blink initiator like magnus or ES and he cant blink anymore
    you can take towers with earth bear
    you can purge necro shroud
    you can kite sven
    low cd stun
    insane good talents
    if your carry messes up you get the 140 attack speed talent and boom you're the carry now
    20 strength at LVL 20?!? put an AC on top of that and you're almost unkillable
    you can push waves with thunder clap

    TLDR its like the swiss pocketknife of dota 2 OP

    Potato Marshal

      Even at 4k MMR, I think there are a lot of people that don't know what all of Brew's spirit's abilities are.


        If you have decent micro why not Visage or Meepo?

        mechanical feel kb

          decent micro

          kill me

          Ibram Gaunt

            decent is not good enough

            i dont play mid because someone will pick jungle then. i play roaming so that no one jungles. and i prefer guaranteeing on winning 2/3 lanes instead of just 1


              Of course decent is good enough. Good micro is like Diamond/Master in Starcraft 2. Do you think your avg 5-6k Meepo/Visage has as good micro as Diamond/Master player in SCII? Hell no. Those heroes don't require good micro to be successful at. Decent is just enough. Good micro is really rare in Dota.


                I can confirm this,i went from 2.8 to 4 in less than 3 months usin mainly the brewmasta.the hero is underated


                  And u play him as offlaner?

                  Mayushii desu!

                    brew can be played in literally every role, though he's a really bad 5

                    Ibram Gaunt

                      i have seen roaming sometimes
                      safelane sometimes

                      and mid quiet often

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                        If you enjoy having a tanky hero that can output a ton of damage and still be useful late game, yeah I definitely recommend Brewmaster for your games.

                        I enjoy him personally because it's just the same skillset from the Pandaren Brewmaster from WC3 so I never felt like I had to learn anything new.

                        But if you have a hard time using the storm spirit's abilities during teamfights, I would recommend practicing that first before really getting into him for ranked.