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Don't want pussy, just wa...

    Hey drengr, I've got some bad news." says Cookie to drengr. "But I wasn't scamming I swear!" he replies, sweating heavily. "It's alright, I won't fire you, as long as you do something for me." drengr knows what Cookie wants. He bends over and lets Cookie have his way. Afterwards, as he cries on the bed, Cookie whispers in his ear, "I lied. You're fired.


      Is this true ? ??

      Potato Marshal

        Have you tried destroying the enemy asshole?


          lol wtf

          Escaping the Pool




              mechanical feel kb

                Lmao xd

                mechanical feel kb

                  Cookie is actually a smart player. I even think that It would be better if he became a Developer. His dota IQ and idea are good and I think he can post a helpful dotabuff blog like kawaiisocks or skims do.

                  If you feel insulted by him, just ignore him.


                    rofl. fucking good shit. i know drengr was into creating beautiful prose for dotabuffers. he definitely must like this


                      I'm sorry to break it to you, but without any insulting vibe I want to tell you that kawaiisocks and skims are not all you think they are. Some of their stuff is intertaining to read though so it's not like I'm implying they do not do their job.