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Winter Wywern spam? in General Discussion
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    Is it still situational? Or can i first pick and spam it next 100 games for mmr?

    mechanical feel kb

      Spam whatever you want xD

      meteor hammer

        fun hero until ur playing against timbersaw

        i fp spammed him in the void meta for mmr


          Ask -Crit how it worked out

          Mayushii desu!

            Really fun against pugna/veno/necro.

            Just kidding. Generally weak against green heroes. Pick when there's a lot of physical damage and right clicks.

            meteor hammer

              hes fine against veno

              yung backyardigan

                doesnt the move speed drive you nuts though?


                  wyvern is too situational to spam imo
                  she is really good some games
                  but rlly sucks in other games