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Winter Wywern spam? in General Discussion
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    Is it still situational? Or can i first pick and spam it next 100 games for mmr?

    hao chenchen

      Spam whatever you want xD

      meteor hammer

        fun hero until ur playing against timbersaw

        i fp spammed him in the void meta for mmr


          Ask -Crit how it worked out


            Really fun against pugna/veno/necro.

            Just kidding. Generally weak against green heroes. Pick when there's a lot of physical damage and right clicks.

            meteor hammer

              hes fine against veno

              all the way up

                doesnt the move speed drive you nuts though?

                I am numb

                  wyvern is too situational to spam imo
                  she is really good some games
                  but rlly sucks in other games