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General DiscussionHow does Valve balance teams in ranked ?

How does Valve balance teams in ranked ? in General Discussion
Got muted and trash allies

    I see games like today where i got 300 gpm 4 palyers in team me being heightest at only 440 gpm,
    while enjemie has 3 palyer with 400 gpm 1 with 300gpm+ and 1 with 600 gpm rampage page mepo palyer

    So lookjing at gpm and lasthits my team was full of suport players who wanted to go mid safelane etc and fail horribly,
    while enemie had full mid players and safelaners and all enemie with normal gamse sense and item build while my 300 gpm core has mjolnir mkb mask vs timber mepo and other heroes

    How is that balanced ,speaking im a normal 3k player and not 5k mepo spammer in 3k mmr

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      dota balance in 2017


        There's this thing called matchmaking rating which is used to set-up matches.

        Got muted and trash allies

          Why they avoid summary from last 20 games?


            Why people care about that gpm in profile. It's only for the last 20 games. Just because someone played support recently doesn't mean they can't play core.
            I'd rather have a 300 gpm carry than someone who have this op mentality. Checking everyone's gpm and lose hope before the game even started smh

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            measure ur words

              srsly? 3k's look at gpm on someones profile and decide if they are good/bad players? :D:D:D:D


                @katniss people afraid of queueing with account buyers who played cores at their last games but still low xpm / gpm or feed. Everytime high xpm and gpm profiles gives them hope to win cus they think they que with good core players or boosters.
                as my experiences, its kinda true. whenever someone who has 390 gpm or 400 and if they picking core, you probably lose that game even you smash the early game phase, he probably fail to carrying late game. the sad part is he always say he played only support at his last 10 games thats why he has low gpm and he wants us to believe him that hes a good carry player then u letting him to play and he fails.( after game we are checking his profile and see his profile got %96 core.) i dont want to play with that kind of people.

                but also i think '' support players cant play core '' is a wrong argument. just bcus someone is a support player that doesnt mean they cant play core, for example: Kuroky.

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                  Why would you care checking their profile after a loss? You will not going to learn anything fom it. You're just giving stress to yourself. Move on. Don't blame anybody, blame yourself.


                    And stop thinking about account buyers. Everyone's complaining about it if it's on their team, but happy if it's on the other team.


                      indeed gpm and experience doesn't determine you're good lot of 600+ gpm sucks. Its matter if you're team can communicate good and win the game with teamwork not with GPM it does ruin games.
                      In my bracket from the start someone will said I mid check GPM/xpm but they are sucks. They only got 600+ gpm because they just spam one hero like meepo's invoker and other easy farm heroes.

                      Got muted and trash allies

                        ^ false
                        I have couple games today to prove u wrong not to mention last 2000 games


                          Amazing how its almost like the dumbasses on reddit came over here and started the same shit thread:

                          Although gpm and xpm can be manipulated to a degree, if you see a profile with 700-1k gpm as the "20 game average", you know you're dealing with one very strong carry player and probably a booster. Only a dumbass would even think otherwise on this. GPM can indeed without question be a tool to find if you're vs a booster or a strong player or not. Its not 100% but its reliable enough. Seriously how many 700+ gpm AVERAGE profiles that aren't boosters or super-strong smurfs are you lowbies coming across? Bet you anything its next to none.


                            Well GPM means nothing... I mostly (9/10) play positions 2,4,5. I would say 50% time core. If others decide to be mid... I support.

                            i have in 7.07b 50% games support and 420GPM. How do you expect somebody, who keeps playing half of the time support, to be high GPM? I played with mid, who was 550 GPM average and still, uterly shit.

                            If you play core (mid/carry), you are easily 500GPM.
                            If you play medusa/AM/SF or core with midas, you are easily 550 GPM.
                            If you play alch/AM/AW/Meepo, you are easily 600 GPM.

                            What does it mean? If you play alch 60% of time and other cores, you look strong. If you play (like me) half of the time support, you look like shit. Doesnt mean you dont win 70% mid matchups.


                              Chill and go learn from your replays.
                              Team has nothing to do with that.

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                                Don't judge people on recent stat pls. even i love to play support but i have confidence in CS and farming if you throw carry role to me. actully what i saw from your profile is just another smurfing account who only want to play core every game since created.

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                                  Balanced matchmaking is practically impossible for various reason.