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    Say you wanna say. Been playin Dota2 since 2015 and still no improvement. Howgogetgud?

    Good News Everyone, I

      You've been steadily improving since September.

      Relax, you're doing fine.


        Good to hear. but my winrate is low af

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          Crash anyone who get in your way! even your team mate quits. Go fight with your all.
          -Go Beyond XD

          play some music too. XD Just to make yourself feel good while playing.
          like this.


            Looks like you prefer to play core roles.

            Learn how mistakes of the other roles effect your play, and which mistake you do at your position which effect the others.

            I prefer playing support, especialy pos5 support. I improved my play by playing safelane carry, and understand how mistake of the support effect my lane equilibrium and my farm, and what should the support do to help me winning the lane.

            support draw creeps aggro and bring lane equilibrium to enemys tower
            support single pull and i ended up with a wave of 2 ranged creeps pushing enemys tower
            spots i need visionto farm safe
            support have no rune control and carry get ganked with haste or double damage rune

            May you should play support to learn positioning in team fights. Supports have less durability than cores, but are also not allowed to die like core heroes. Supports have less gold to spend on items and have to make choices like "i play as maiden, do i need a ghostscepter against PA, or should i get glimmer cape to secure my ultimate. maybe a force staff for mobility or do we need heal after a team fight to push? (urn or vessel)
            Learn to spend unreliable gold to consumable items and safe reliable gold for core items.

            Also midlaner can improve by playing support. I hate it if my mid complain of "no ganks", "no vision", "no tp".
            Sometimes it's just impossible to gank the enemys mid if the lane equilibrium is close to his tower and he can huge it. Or TPs are on cooldown cause the support already used TP to come back to a lane after refreshing in base.

            Another way i improved my play, was using ingame voice chat. Not to blame my team or complain about missed spells or something else. Just to call misses and from time to time a "get back" or "well played".

            By this, i raised from 3,1k MMR to actualy 4,1k MMR (its not updated in dotabuff, but my ancient rank should profe my 4k MMR xD)

            Just give it a try and take a look from the other side of the lane.

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              why do you loose games? what would YOU need to carry those games, what mistakes did you do, what went wrong?

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