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ok now 1k is epic

    I am going to get straight to the point. I keep losing all my games and maybe it is because I am a 1.7k scrub that doesnt know what he is doing. And I tried everything. Sometimes when I have time I try to analyze my gameplay and I have seen that sometimes I dont itemize well and I dont help out other lanes. Even though I try to help out other lanes and get kills with the team, it seems like the enemy team knows more than us and are more coordinated. I really want to go up in skill but I dont really know any ways to do it. I even got into a few Faceit games and I got into many group of 1v1 and I looked up many guides, but nothing is working for me. I dont want to get a smurf because I really wanna learn from my bracket and my mistakes. Pls heeelp D:

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        wow i just posted same topic 'need help' and exactly almost like my problems except i dont do 1v1


          base on your profile, youre gameplay is 90% carry. I suggest you learn map awareness first, as carry you are a crucial, your death means instant lose in the mid-to-late game. learn to farm safely and avoid unnecessary death. you are dying way to much as a carry playing in your games. Im not a pro, im normal skills myself, map awareness is something i myself trying to improve on.


            every beginner should start playing in the midlane.

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              Don't analyze ur games, analyze high MMR top player games and see what they do


                to play like high mmr top players u need high mmr top teammates

                i think to counter that in lower brackets we need to outwit the enemy

                maybe its bttr analyzing urself becoz u cant get a enigma and magnus in coordination in lower brackets

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                  Why is the guy who's stuck in 1.3k and asked for advice, also giving advice to the guy who's stuck in 1.7k and asking for advice?


                    i think to counter that in lower brackets we need to outwit the enemy

                    apparently that's what analyzing top players gameplay give u

                    watching and copying is not the same thing as analyzing

                    5k avg games should work for you, they have more similarities to the usual pub games while still having some stuff u can learn/figure out on

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                      ^THAT is funny indeed :-D

                      op: play other roles, play in a team or stack.
                      iamnumb is right, analyze only high mmr games. you might want to watch your replays, but dont analyze them.


                        Lose streaks are usually a result of bad behavior score. Stop talking to your teammates or playing when tilted and problem solved.

                        Why do I see a very wide hero pool? That's not a good thing....

                        I had over 70 games with Troll on my main account with 65% win rate. I hadn't played him for a while but felt like I should pick him when queued with friends and chilling. I ended up feeding so badly. And He used to be my favorite hero. I need to stick to my very small hero pool because I don't play that much (just like you) and I'm rusty with heroes outside of my pool.

                        going through your game stats showed you die too much. That's a terrible thing for a carry (unless you're Huskar). Keep in mind that your life is worth more than 3 supports. so just because you can kill something doesn't mean you should risk it. Just because you feel like someone should do something in a teamfight (for example when you need the right initiation but enemy is destroying your tower) doesn't mean you should initiate . Carries look for free kills or sweeping enemies after decent initiations.

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                          Stop jumping between roles and nail down the mechanics and nuances of one. Cs and itemization if you're a carry. Literally doesn't matter what you pick in that bracket as long as you understand what your win conditions are and what you need to do.

                          Sir htc vive

                            spamm same heroes, and learn how to lasthit better ( practise it 45 min at a time) +


                              quit, dota is not for you


                                Why is the guy who's stuck in 1.3k and asked for advice, also giving advice to the guy who's stuck in 1.7k and asking for advice?

                                ok now 1k is epic

                                  Thanks for the advice guys. I am starting to play morph against bots since he doesnt have that much damage to last hit and because I heard he is broken. Lol.