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Jacky Mao's Son

    Since the post TI meta is more unplayable than usual, I've been playing basically nothing but turbo. What are some good meme builds for turbo mode? I've tried right click carry tide (didn't work) and the aghs sniper build (worked but still lost)

    envie de pleurer

      octarine tb

      Digital Jesus [eXceL]

        Meteor hammer on anyone

        Jacky Mao's Son

          Octarine TB could be fun actually, especially with the sunder CD talent.


            roaming invoker, tinker
            dagon sven with blink
            ursa with bloodthorn
            right click necro
            roaming sf (playing around with razes) - practice ur raze


              6 shivas timbersaw

              Jacky Mao's Son

                If the aura's stacked the shivas idea would be fucking hillarious


                  Slardar with full attack speed but no damage and don't use ultimate. Just lockdown someone until he dies lvl 25 40% bash.

                  Jacky Mao's Son

                    Why have I not thought of slardar... trying this one next