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General DiscussionMy biggest Dota 2 ACHIEVEMENT

My biggest Dota 2 ACHIEVEMENT in General Discussion

    no joke tho

    it's been forever since i've made it this far

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      Good job
      Im waiting to see my new account's score
      I won't fuck this one up


        My behviour score is normally at 10k. Every now and then I get an abandon cause my stupid internet provider and drop to like 9.4 - 9.6k, but climb right back to 10k.

        Keep climbing upwards dude. The sad truth is that everything below 10k is actually terrible.

        matt dagon

          On this account I got 9.6k-ish behaviour score but I actually like it better when I play on my smurf with 7k behaviour score, the games there are more enjoyable somehow

          Fabled Naysayer

            I got reported BUHU now I got 9650 :(




                Playing turbo dotes wont change the fact that you're a toxic ape


                  so thats why i keep getting salt teammates. my behaviour is 8.4k :(


                    bitch pls, this is what I get on a daily basis

                    Princess of Austria-Hungary

                      I got my account up to 7.5k score as well. Happy :)


                        techies really doomed my score


                          do u feel any difference in skill?


                            Meanwhile I was successful in making my beh score same as my mmr.
                            #Goals #Life #Motivation yada yada yada


                              Tf, I thought it was just stuck at 10,000 for no reason. Gratsss!

                              Fabled Naysayer

                                Yea I thought so too, "What a stupid system", but then I realized I wasnt taking any risks so now I got 9650.

                                WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE


                                  The higher the BS the fewer words appear in chat haha( for me at least 9.666) . Just pings and common sense. Have fun ya’ll


                                    Time to get out of low 4k range.

                                    If I don't do it now, I'll never do it. Xd


                                      post battle pass update somehow managed to increase every toxic cuck's BS


                                        In another life I used to be a negative nancy but long since I have transcended to the powerful positive peruvian.
                                        And to think at one point in the past I had the "6 month ban imminent" message on both my main and my main smurf at the same time.


                                          post battle pass update somehow managed to increase every toxic cuck's BS

                                          False. I've played bunch of turbo games to get there, and for sure it wasn't undeserved



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