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Radiant vs Dire winrate. in General Discussion

    Its a occuring theme to talk about and i saw a thread about it on reddit so i checked my stats for ranked season 3. Radiant 59%, Dire 38%.

    38% winrate on dire is way below my average winrate on dire but 59% winrate on radiant side is also higher than my average winrate on radiant.

    Is this the most imbalanced map patch yet?


      Dire Jungle seems better for hero like WK but still it is easier to win as radiant for me.

      Maybe map should be turned left to right instead bottom to top


        WK I have 7% more wins as Dire than radiant last 3 months

        dire 65.22% 23

        radiant 58.33% 24

        total of 47 MATCHES 61.70%
        WIN RATE

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          radiant triangle (especially ancients) feels much safer than dire. 67:43 for me!

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            Dire: 47.12%
            Radiant: 54.45%

            I think theres actually multiple factors. From a playstyle, I find it easily to play pushing up to ancient as Radiant than down as dire. If you think about it, the majority of your fights will most likely be towards the enemy's ancient, and casting spells with my mouse upward facing is easier than downward. I just think it's one small change that many don't think about.


              If u git gud and use dire jungle advantage dire will be better than radiant

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                This is something people wondeeing for ages.

                There is a theory that if u accidentally misclick map (if u have it left bottom) you will get to click the edge of the map which is dire ancient. But honestly i dont see why misclick as radiant (charging to dire ancient) is better than as dire (back to his own ancient)


                  For this patch, i think when it comes to pull the hard camp in safe lanes, its harder at dire rather than radiant because its so far awayy at dire


                    Play styles must be adjusted to side.


                      This season, I’m 71% on radiant and 48% on dire. As a whole, I’m 57% for radiant and 49% for dire