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    Its like he supposed to be tide but he should be played like a pos 4 es?

    I dont get it.


      He is a lot better as a Pos 4 than a Pos 3 IMO but he can do 3 if required.

      If you play as a 3 you need damage items like veil of discord to keep up with teamfights. As a pos 4 you can get more utility items like force staff to help your team out.

      Your play style should be if enemy core is melee, you abuse the shit out of them when they try to farm and then CC everyone in teamfights. If enemy core is ranged, try not to feed much in lane and then CC everyone in team fights. Veil + Q + R is a ton of damage on anyone in the mid game so rotate early and don't be a scrub sand king who just sits in his W all lane farming and then losing the game.


        insanely good offlaner in Pubs, if People figure out how to abuse him properly and get the Right laning Partners u can take over games too easily


          What is CC


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              He is a lot better as a Pos 4 than a Pos 3 IMO 


              design by subtraction

                huge dick pos 3
                u just need to know what to max and vs what lanes
                weak lanes u can smash with early levels in caustic
                stronger lanes u can break out even with sandstorm and just always pushing the wave
                learn when its safe to cut wave
                learn your item builds
                sometimes you're aura bitch cuz your team already does a ton of damage
                sometimes you're annoying prick with lotus force euls blink when enemy doesnt have good lock down
                sometimes you snowball and can be a pos 2 with radiance and shivas
                sometimes you want to counter a specific hero so u build mobility and shit like hex and aghs and maybe vessel/halbred if vs morph or huskar
                playstyles are simple either splitpush and wait for someone to defend and kill them with blink epi this is when team is still trying to farm
                or group with team and jump anything u see and let ur carry kill them
                or sit behind a weak core while they farm and jump enemies when they go on him
                or if you are super farmed you go around with your pos 4 and ward enemy jungle and kill shit there

                déjà vu

                  that one is what i'm waiting! ↑
                  thanks Mr. Keel


                    Is it needed to take Aghanim with almost first item for sand king?

                    Evil Feachairu

                      Veil into kaya and yasha into ethereal blade into dagon