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General DiscussionAny possible i can get back to vhs or hs?

Any possible i can get back to vhs or hs? in General Discussion

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      vhs,hs,ns same bullshits
      stop wasting ur time
      buy immortal or it is what it is

      there is not much difference between anshit dog or archon dogs


        just finish your 100 hours and then play ranked until you reach 4000 mmr


          first off you need to stop static linking when they are almost at max distance letting them break it so easily. you need to get closer before you link them. it's a really strong spell but you you use at the worst times and don't use it when you should be preventing the slark from farming. when you die the first time, you're literally tanking 4 creeps. just because slark pounces you, doesnt mean you have to run up and die yourself. sure you kill the slark, but you die as well. not a big deal. you fail to use static link off cooldown, you save it like it's an ultimate. your whole point is to shut down the slark, but you play like a passive kid afraid of using his spells. sure slark can pounce out, but you should run on top of him, harass him, and if he hits you back, then you link him.

          even if you only steal 20 damage, you should be able to deny his last hits and get last hits yourself. why save your 35 cd skill for lategame?????????? everytime link is up, you should be looking to drain his damage because it forces him to play defensive and you're saying that you're in control of the game, but by not doing that, you're letting him get easy cs because you're afraid to use ur spells. instead of using static link when he's running away, try using it when he is trying to last hit creeps

          basically, you pick a lane dominator hero, but don't play to his strengths. you have to realize that slark is fine trading cs for cs, cuz he's gonna rape ur ass later, so you fail to use the heros power spikes and that's why you're normal skill.


            Why SEA's players always talk about it? "How to get VHS?" "Shit, back to HS again" Damn it. Please stop it, kiddo! U wasting ur life to make new account.


              Just b good

              Fuka suginai o nīchan

                I dont get those vhs, hs shit. Get mmr = get vhs = git gud nub


                  I want back do Herald it is the best bracket to be.

                  It is so hilarious to play and people are friendly there. I miss those times


                    Well the reason ur not in VHS is because you're not even playing well enough for HS/NS if you're struggling there then forget VHS even HS is not for u lol. You have to dominate HS games to get to VHS

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                      i am an 1kplayer but i manage to get out of it hahahaha now im 4,2 now... i finally get vhs when i hit 3,500+ haahahahaha

                      OI XIAOMEIMEI

                        how to vhs

                        Shoto Hinamizawa

                          i just got back to vhs. feelsgoodman.