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    suggets please why back to high skill


      keep playing and git gud every match


        Just b good

        Fuka suginai o nīchan

          because you lose more than you win.


            Play more and play better


              I think this acc is cursed you need to reboot windows so steam losses your data from the old account !


                The account is obviously cursed by satan himself, i think you need to make a new account and try to get to very high skill

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                Mr. Bot

                  the game is saying you've become lazy so it's taking very high skill from you to make you work harder to get it back

                  Princess of Austria-Hungary

                    Hey there, go inside your Windows folder on your C Drive and delete System32, that will give you a better rank!

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                      WORK HARD PLAY HARD


                        No pain No gain and No pain No VHS