Evolution of a Hero's Role — VisageBy KawaiiSocks on

Visage is one of the oldest heroes in Dota and one of the most untouched in his overall design: he remained largely unchanged since 2009. Despite that, his role in the game and his position went through a very tumultuous period and he is now primarily played as a core. So what changed, exactly?

Evolution of a Hero’s Role - RikiBy Yongelee.trackdota.com on

If Dota was a person, they would be 18 years old today. The first map of Dota was released on an unknown date in 2002. Over the long 18 years, a lot has changed, and today, Dota 2 is one of the premiere esports titles backed by the supreme gaming organization Valve, and led by the fabled Icefrog.

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Top 10 DPS Aghanim's Scepters for CoresBy KawaiiSocks on

Continuing our series, today we are going to look at the best bang for your buck when your team lacks damage output. There are numerous Aghanim’s Scepters that either directly or indirectly increase your DPS, so finding the best of them is slightly harder than it looks.

Top 10 Utility Aghanim’s Scepters for CoresBy Yongelee.trackdota.com on

On May 24, 2019, the 7.22 patch brought Aghanim’s Scepter upgrades for all the heroes in the game. Some upgrades were amazing and called for an immediate nerf. Others left people scratching their heads.

The Future of ReachBy Cptn.Canuck on

Due to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be a Season 1 Academy finals for Reach.

Everything Can Work — Earth Spirit CoreBy KawaiiSocks on

There is a common misconception in the community that Earth Spirit is an absurdly complicated hero. Over the years, a certain aura has developed around the character, with many players outright ignoring Earth Spirit, because they think he is too hard to execute. Today we would like to shatter this myth, as well as propose a potential new role for the hero.

Everything Can Work - Position 3 Chen EditionBy Yongelee.trackdota.com on

Another article, another pub game ruined. This time, your core is the one who will ruin your game. Next up in this series are traditional support heroes who could make an impact by playing as cores.

Everything Can Work — Ember Spirit SupportBy KawaiiSocks on

We are going to finish the “core turned support” part of our Everything Can Work series with Ember Spirit — possibly the most controversial hero to appear on this list and certainly the most nuanced. To fully utilize the hero’s strengths without any farm priority the gameplay should be close to perfect and even then, we are not entirely sure it is worth it.

Everything Can Work - Position 4 Clinkz EditionBy Yongelee.trackdota.com on

Another edition of “Everything Can Work.” This time, position 4 Clinkz. He doesn’t have a stun, he doesn’t have a slow, he can’t heal, he can’t tank, but invisibility is invincibility, therefore he is a strong hero. Somehow support Clinkz became a thing, and in this article, we’ll expand on this idea.

Everything Can Work — Support Death ProphetBy KawaiiSocks on

We are continuing our series with yet another potential curveball you can throw during the drafting stage. Today we are going to discuss a position five Death Prophet—perhaps one of the most surprising and underrated support heroes of the current patch.

Everything Can Work - Position 4 Sniper EditionBy Yongelee.trackdota.com on

Introducing a brand new series from the Dotabuff team - Everything Can Work. Inspired by two-time TI champion N0tail, we hope to shed some light on some strategies that may or may not get you reported.

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online Meta RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

There is so much great Dota happening right now and while it might be a while before we get a full LAN experience, the quality of the games definitely doesn’t suffer. ESL One LA was entertaining for a lot of reasons, but for many of you entertainment is secondary to getting better and dominating your pubs, so today we would like to concentrate on the tournament’s meta and what lessons could be learned from it.

How Creep Score Experience Changed The Lane MetaBy Yongelee.trackdota.com on

When you head to your lane, do you discuss with your team what kind of set up you’re going to go? Tri lane, aggro tri, dual mid? It seems like those days are over and you’re just expected to go 2 1 2.

Introduction to Dota 2 Roles — The OfflanerBy KawaiiSocks on

The Offlaner is the role that changed the most throughout the history of the game. It seems like every patch tweaks the position just enough for a slew of new heroes to be attempted in it, with varying degrees of success. Today we would like to have a look through how the role developed over time and where it currently stands.

ESL One LA 2020 Online - Americas Meta RecapBy Yongelee.trackdota.com on

The hot topic of 2020 is relevant even in the isolated world of esports and Dota 2. Our game may live in a contained bubble but the people who play the game still live in the real world. Yes, I’m talking about the coronavirus, which has forced the ESL One LA 2020 Major to switch to an online format.

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