Dota 7.11 Quick ReviewBy KawaiiSocks on

Dota received some rather interesting new changes. Patch 7.11 once again concentrated on the game’s economy layer, rather than going after the hero balance and the consequences of this patch should be quite noticeable.

Is Dota Ready For Chen?By eggs on

Let’s face it: no one plays Chen. In the past 12 months, he’s picked at a 1.06% rate across all pub games. Compare this to the most popular hero Pudge, who you’re more likely to see on a factor of 33 times more in your game. Chen’s unpopularity is historic, even during ages when he was actually good in the meta.

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Professional Meta Stats Recap: From Katowice to BucharestBy KawaiiSocks on

Different patch, different country and different tournament format yet both the champions and the meta stay the same. 7.10 might have reinvigorated the pub scene a little bit, but the professional meta is still in a state unworthy of TI6 and TI7 successor.

Weekly Courier: Virtus.Pro Wins Third Pro Circuit Title At Bucharest, Digital Chaos Picks Up Team Animal Planet, Artifact Gets A Rough Timeline

Virtus.Pro take down VGJ.Thunder for their third Pro Circuit title, Digital Chaos acquires Animal Planet's roster, and Valve releases more details on their upcoming card game, Artifact.

One Week with 7.10By KawaiiSocks on

Patch 7.10 came slightly over a week ago and it is time to look at the current pub meta developments, before the inevitable balance update next Thursday. Despite having a massive amount of changes, the effect of the patch was quite limited. For the most part, the impact of it is most apparent when it comes to hero nerfs.

No Two Games of Dota are Ever the SameBy KawaiiSocks on

No two games of Dota are ever the same. We have all heard this bold statement. Dota is a brilliant game with a very open meta, and the continuous stream of patches keeps the game fresh, but no two games ever the same? Surely, that can’t be right.

Weekly Courier: PGL Bucharest Begins, Dark Willow Enters Captain's Mode in 7.10, 1437 stays with TNC

PGL Bucharest enters its third round with a surprising upset, Patch 7.10 brings sweeping changes to more than half of Dota's heroes, and 1437 stays with TNC's organization

Dota 7.10 Quick ReviewBy KawaiiSocks on

Another patch has been released for Dota 2 and compared to the last one, this one is almost primarily focused on hero balance changes. Given a somewhat limited pool of viable carry heroes, some nerfs to the existing staples and buffs to all other heroes were expected, but as was almost always the case with Dota 2 balance changes, the problematic heroes didn’t get completely obliterated, while almost all other carries got somewhat tame buffs.

Gyrocopter's ResurgenceBy KawaiiSocks on

Less than a month ago no one even thought of Gyrocopter making a comeback into professional Dota, yet at the last ESL One Katowice the hero became the second most contested hero in the professional meta.

Weekly Courier: Virtus.Pro Win ESL One Katowice Major, Black Leaves Clutch Gamers

Virtus.Pro Win ESL One Katowice Major in dominant fashion, and Black and Clutch Gamers part ways after three weeks

One Week Trends After Patch 7.09By KawaiiSocks on

Despite introducing some very interesting global changes, 7.09 didn’t significantly change the meta. All supports benefitted from a reduced courier price, and every single hero was hit equally as hard with the starting gold reduction. Without direct changes to the hero balance, the changes to hero win rates were minimal, compared to last week.

Is Techies Ready For Captain's Mode?By KawaiiSocks on

In the aftermath of TI5 the hero was first heavily nerfed and then removed from Captain’s Mode completely in patch 7.00, after receiving a major rework. The hero was unavailable in the professional scene for over a year now, with constant changes and balance fixes, and it raises a question, is Techies ready for Captain’s Mode?

Weekly Courier: Support players get a boost in 7.09, ESL One Katowice kicks off, Merlini and LD step back from casting Dota

This week Valve released their first mini-patch of the new release cycle, ESL One Katowice kicked off with the debut of two new CIS teams, and two legendary casters step back from Dota.

7.09 — a Quick ReviewBy KawaiiSocks on

As promised, a new version of Dota 2 was released yesterday. This new patch was a lot different to the previous one, focusing on global changes without touching any of the heroes. While the changelog might look small, it did introduce some fundamental changes that might drastically change how the game is played, especially in pubs.

Enjoying Dota with Special SomeoneBy KawaiiSocks on

There are many ways to enjoy Dota and spectating it is one of them. For many spectating Dota became more important to actually playing it. They might no longer have time, energy or motivation to go through a full match, but they can always tune in to a twitch stream and enjoy the highest level of Dota, while going about their everyday business.

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