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    i have a smurf account to play my weaker heroes


      Indeed, and what makes it more annoying is that some people actually think that the heroes they don't play, are bad heroes..


        Io and Winter Wyvern BibleThump


          Meepwn lol^


            I am really suprised that I haven't played brew and ench in dota2. I could have sworn I have.
            Dota 1 and 2 seems to be just mixed in my brain.


              Techies and winter vivern, the last two released heroes. In post released they were always instalocked and I have not found the time to learn them yet.

              anything shorter


                So many hero's that I have no intention to ever play, so not surprised to see them there. Been meaning to play Dork Seer, Phoenix, Tree Prophet and maybe Bristleback. Cute Storm Spirit stats btw dude :3


                  batrider, chen, ember, leshard, skywraith, storm, wd

                  I am surprised that I tried Earth Spirit


                  Journey to Shan-Grey-La

                    Leshrac, this is a legitimate choice on my part because he just doesnt seem 'fun'


                      I went out of my way to play every hero before I even hit 200 hours game time. I don't see why you should neglect some heroes completely.


                        I've never played phoenix, techies and winter wyvern. WW i will play eventually and i have from my smurfs, techies i don't think i will ever want to play from my main and phoenix is in a weird place for me, i love him and hate him at the same time. Love him that he can do much, hate him that he could do so much more and felt so much better to me in Dota 1 before he got a ton of reworks


                          I think there's no hero that I haven't played, I just don't really like the idea of playing 1-2 hero over and over again for every match.

                          I only played around 2000ish match on Dota 2 and I have Batrider and Nyx as my 2 most played heroes, every other heroes were spread quite evenly and there are heroes that I only played few times. I think it also has to do on what kind of "role" people are playing, so some people might never even touch support/cores heroes

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                              i know for sure i'll never play all heroes because i refuse to play skywrtah mage,riki and pa.those heroes make me wanna cry sometimes espeacially beacuse you'r team doesn't know how to control them.i'll just stick to mid and ganking heroes


                                I'm only at 300 games so far so I haven't played all heroes yet. (59 actually)

                                I don't know, I like to try a hero and play him a couple of times to get better at them. I don't like trying a hero for one match (unless Single Draft forces me). When I play a hero I like to find out what the best items/builds are in what situations. I can certainly say I have a couple of heroes I know very well to play in different situations.

                                Oh well, I'l probably never play Io/Chen. Invoker perhaps when I have time to learn the spells. I tried Earth Spirit tho, fun hero only slightly OP (altho his uselessness end-game fixes that a bit)



                                  Brew Beast Enchant Jakiro and Winter.

                                  Bleh to micro


                                    i've tried all heroes, even played 32 games of Earth Spirit, he seems fun at start, but with overpower comes hard control. Now im maxing my Storm Spirit and Shadow Fiend and try to play less as fat guy :D


                                      There are heroes who are popular in pub-matches and heroes who are popular in Tournaments, but to my mind there is currently no hero who is as unpopular in BOTH as Elder-Titan, and it's a damn shame.
                                      He looks so cool, but his abilities are just so "meh", IMO.

                                      black november

                                        i've played 4k games and ofc played all heroes, but like 20 of them were played only few times.
                                        and i have in top heroes unpopular ones. that is one of the reasons i play them, cause it looks cool when u play good on hero which is hard to master.
                                        puck, brewmaster (i played him before popularity raise), earth spirit, morphling, tusk(!), techies... i love them so much and don't understand why they are underpicked.


                                            i get bored playing one hero, but there is also a lot of heroes i would like to learn how to play them (meepo specially), btw this is my smurf :D

                                            ✪ INVOKER

                                              I dont know why I never wanted to play Meepo



                                                I managed to find the courage to pick Chen in a SD game recently, so I rest assured Meepo will be drafted soon by me.

                                                Spirits and Visage surprises me, though. Especially Ember.



                                                  Welllllllllllll..... Visage is my most played hero, since he actually kicks ass in lower mmr assuming you don't get countered (unlikely) and know how to use your birds. I don't play him that often now though, mostly because there are few lineups that he fits in. And he's not very popular in the E-Sports scene either, or at least not as popular as he used to be.

                                                  That said, I'm really surprised to see that there are so many heroes that i haven't even touched yet. Most of them are just heroes that I don't like or don't fit into the current meta. Exceptions would be micro-heavy heroes (Meepo, Beast, etc), as well as techies, for some very, very, very, strange reason ......


                                                    Only hero I haven't played is Winter Wyvern because it's new, sadly I can play every hero but none to the point where I can reliably win in pubs lol. The whole 'jack of all trades, master of none' fits me pretty well.

                                                    /\/ /\ T

                                                      I main Io.

                                                      Okay, I'll just leave, no one lies omnipresent balls of light these days

                                                      Mina Inverse

                                                        I've never played Brew, QoP, Mirana, Shadow Fiend and Weaver. I have a weirder set of mid heroes though I like Mirana and QoP in -wtf mode.

                                                        me ooga team booga

                                                          yeah haha i remember in my early days of playing dota 2 in june 2013 (never played dota 1) i used to main visage without levelling ult and enchantress without levelling enchant but i wouldnt be caught dead playing them now

                                                          Uncle Roshan

                                                            Never played invoker. Don't know what the hype is about.



                                                              best support ever, lel. all supports are in the end of list

                                                              I'll win MKVN

                                                                Actually, my least play is PA :> I think she isn't first choice carry for me :>


                                                                  seems like i stopped playing new heros after Diretide 2013 (except Earth Spirit random)

                                                                  José de San Martín

                                                                    Meepo is the only one remaining for me.

                                                                    green tea enjoyer

                                                                      unplayed winter and techies :d


                                                                        about 400 games in, trying the all hero challenge now. Stuck on invoker BibleThump

                                                                        Let's Go Brandon

                                                                          I only play tinker and sf, coz I wanna get in the leaderboards someday. While tinker does not look appealing with the lack of cosmetics (aside from booties) he has a funny laugh.

                                                                          The reason I never picked qop on this account is because I despise that hero with my life, as she's a strong matchup vs tinker.


                                                                            I decided that I will limit myself to playing flying heroes with big wings for now. I noticed it the last time when I played Windranger that I am having difficulties finding my hero in a clash when it doesn't have big wings.

                                                                            John Warden

                                                                              You should really give Earth Spirit a try, he's tons of fun! Anyway, the only hero I've never played so far is Tusk. God I hate everything about that hero


                                                                                3000 match and i played all hero , cause i randomed every game :D
                                                                                I rly suprise that my winrate still 50% lol xD

                                                                                El Topollillo

                                                                                  earth spirit best hero in the game

                                                                                  Mighty Atom

                                                                                    most of the ones I have never played are the popular ones. I guess I just gravitate toward the underdog. Plus it's kinda cool when your opponents obviously have no idea what your hero does.


                                                                                      never played winter wyvern,


                                                                                        Never played Tuskar. On dota 1, i used to feed with him. Ah, and i hate him

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                                                                                          winter wyvern.
                                                                                          cause i start to play certain hero, when i see someone really good playing him
                                                                                          but i still didn't see good ww

                                                                                          calm and focus

                                                                                            Am's a good hero it's just that people played it the noob/wrong way getting skills before stats

                                                                                            Used to hate Am until I realised that I'm in top 100



                                                                                     he played on the tinker, when it was not mainstream xD

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                                                                                                Still a visage spammer.
                                                                                                Used to be a Veno one, but Visage is more fun



                                                                                                  IO is OP. Pubbers need to learn this hero becouse it is sooo good when played right. Favorite and most successful hero of mine.