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        Stop it with the 1st, 2nd, etc.

        It adds no constructive discussion.


          NAVI IS BACK ‽‽‽

          DP. Maniac

            The Dire need a sponsor asap, any organization who passes them up is seriously making a mistake.

            Telo Bot

              will it be C9 take The Dire?


                Just a non-tournament fan here. Who are the players of The Dire?

                Herald - Tir

                  Pajkatt CCnC Misery Zai PPD


                    I hope Navi could qualify for the next Ti too.


                      Zai <3


                        NA'VI DAVI!


                          Na'Vi lost 2-1 to Virtus Pro, eliminating them from contention for the CIS spot to the ESL Major(1st major of the year), but they looked really strong until then, and even fought hard against an established tier 1 team in VP. "Na'Vi is back" isn't quite there yet, but this iteration of the squad seems to be the most promising among the previous attempts to revive this team. Also, Dendi the living legend, his play has been insane

                          Abyss Watcher(Hunter of C...

                            Navi just lost to empire, 0-2 at dota pit