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    phirst. Also, I think pugna is too op for pubs.


      Pugna is a niche pick at best, but come on, he will be nerfed in icefrog's cycle of patch

      ching chong

        "niche" - top pick at both minors


          ' Even though our pub stats show that +3 Mana Regen has a slight disadvantage in win rate,'

          That looks like +0.7% to me guys, not really a disadvantage


            ez win pugna gay

            Dontai, is that your mom?

              Cx in chat


                That must be less on pick rate with slight advantage win rate, not slight disadvantage on win rate.

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                  nice article

                  everything beside pos5!

                    I think the fact, that ather lens ist now build with void stone makes pugna so strong.


                      He can literally solo carry the team with the current meta.
                      If you can block creeps well in mid -> haras hero to double wave -> tower dive and kill, you can have 2 level advantage over enemy mid. After level 6 you can kill any supports casually walking by with your combo and once you get your level 12, just 1 hit combo any hero...He's esp good against necro without hood (1 combo hes gone).


                        "Phirst", to avoid being removed lmao. Though he did actually say something about the article as well so i guess you're safe?
                        Personally, I just welcome Pugna as one of the few heroes who challenges Necro right now. And I've spammed Necro so much this patch. But when I'm against? Most annoying hero ever


                          rush dagon first item, nether blast+decrep+dagon= dead in 90 miliseconds

                          envie de pleurer

                            never forget monk-1 die in 2 dagon hit


                              I played it a long ago, once i finished 34/0. If not countered,its a killing machine, i rush aether and aghanim,then blink and linken/bkb


                                She was always a strong hero. (I think so)

                                Smile Protector

                                  nether blast lvl 25 talent gives 200 bonus damage, not 100

                                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                    Nether Blast deals half damage to buildings and towers, thus it's only 100 to buildings.


                                      I appreciate the article, but there are multiple content and grammar errors throughout. I'm not saying the Dota masses need eloquence, but it does hurt readability:

                                      "While he can used"

                                      "makes both him"

                                      "Even though our pub stats show that +3 Mana Regen has a slight disadvantage in win rate"

                                      "As for the final talent..." What about the third talent?

                                      "That 100 damage won’t be that much more..."

                                      Still, I do appreciate the article. I have seen Pugna played more often as of late, and it was good to find out why he's catching on in popularity.



                                        up you go Dagmor!!

                                        I've always felt irked by such content errors by web articles as a whole (especially legitimate news sites, sadly). Its as if the quality of

                                        the article isn't worth the trouble just because its online and not in print media. When you think some of these online writers in

                                        general are on a payroll and write like elementary students, you start to question their abilities.

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                                          Great text, but wanted to alert you that it is plagiarizing your content:


                                          MODE : MYLOXYLOTO

                                            ^^ The site actually wrote the source from dotabuff

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                                              what kind of autistic brain goes dagon on a pugna.... i mean srsly, with aghs u literally got dagon ticks each fucking second... dont be stupid for christ sake

                                              Counterpick or Feed

                                                @Savitar Have you ever heard of the advantages of burst damage? Try to think a bit before being a ragekid

                                                Crowdcontrol for Major Tom!

                                                  Regarding the talents: With the +200 Dmg Nether Blast you can actually kill creepwaves in one hit, so you are way faster at pushing out lanes, and also against mega creeps you will save some time.

                                                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                                    @Crowdcontrol for Major Tom!

                                                    That's considering you're still in a farm war at that point. Traditionally Pugna has been seen as an early game deathball pusher who should be knocking on T3 by 20. Usually this means you are backed up by your entire team already, and it also means you are nowhere near 25.

                                                    I like what you have to say about the damage though. Maybe it should be an earlier talent option, for much less extra dmg. Say, 100 extra dmg at 15.

                                                    Crispy Hanako

                                                      ye boiiiiiiii


                                                        Pugna hard hero :((