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          swap morph with dazzle please ^^

          no name

            WK nerf


              visage rip?


                Dota 2 7.07=Dota 4=Dota of Legends


                  there is an error: instead of the dazzle changes being graphically represented, chen changes was posted twice

                  паходу я течіс  ну ілі пудж

                    Сегодня ночью выйдет обнова , инфа от Вольво

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                        Dazzle doesn't have his image showing and Morphs has dazzles image


                          "As great as the Agility Perk may look on paper, it still doesn’t necessarily turn any carry into a Mercedes."

                          Been watching too much ESL One, Skim? LUL


                            gg dota

                            No Handshake

                              "Offlaners seem to have a much rougher life". I am not sure. Increased XP range, neutrals no longer denying creeps, less xp for first five levels, less of a xp difference with mid -- these changes do favour offlaners. Granted, the decrease in denied creeps xp to the denied player and the more even distribution of xp between melee and ranged creeps do not favour offlaners, but only if the offlane plays passive. Overall, offlaners seem worse off only if they play a passive lane; but if they do play aggressively, on the contrary, they seem better off.

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                                rip diffusal the unlimited charge is good but it cant dispel GEGE


                                  "Balance" patch MegaLUL


                                    I don't see how viper scales better than he did before. Poison attack is only like max 270 magic damage and that's only if your opponent is already practically dead. And it's a dot so its not something you can stack, viper is now just a hero with a bunch of slows and mediiocre magic damage, do burst potential and what physical damage he did have is almost entirely gone. None of his skills stand out as being particularly useful, aside from the break that is only good against a small fraction of heroes. To me he now appears to be a worse venomancer with practiacally no scaling ability.


                                      Aside from an apparent honest mistake like putting Chen's update on Dazzle's topic, I would like to congratulate you Skim for being so quick to provide an interesting analysis :)


                                        I was doing some quick calculations, seems to me mana regen for int heroes has been buffed significantly. eg level 25 skywrath with rod, talisman and aetherlense would have 34.6 mps under the new system vs only 12 under the old system.



                                          item mana regeneration has been buffed insanely, yeh

                                          but flat out INT scaling for mana regen is much worse. should probably word it differently to emphasize that

                                          EDIT: and yeah sorry, changed the images

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                                            worst patch in dota 2 history


                                              I wonder what will happen at patch 8.0 . Tower got crits ? Creep have special ability and ult ? Or rework observer ward for global vision ?


                                                dota IMBA :v


                                                  well techies got buffed but the tp cd is a pain to all us techies players
                                                  now no more 10 second 3 bomb drops :/

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                                                  Ichinose Hotori

                                                    Just one question here, how will riki's smoke screen work on meepo? Like i'll still have vision around another meepo, if my main one got under smoke?

                                                    the devil within-

                                                      WP VALVE


                                                        @ EquinoX only Heroes affected by smoke screen will have no vision, everyone else has normal vision. Since the vision of meepo is not tied with his clones, if your main meepo got under smoke the rest should be unaffected if they are not inside the smoke as well.



                                                          I agree with what you said, but consider this: Hiding in the trees and the side of lanes has just become easier since the exp range was increased! :D


                                                            I don't think you're 100% write about the Agility racecar point. 4 eblades on morphling is not the optimal way to scale your movement speed - drums yasha and mask of madness combined with a high agility gain and decent base movement speed will make you into an absolute racecar. I wouldn't say it's a nightmare, since you're forced into an itemization path that prioritizes movement speed, but it is a bit more dramatic than you're making it out to be.



                                                              you're right, only realized afterwards that there's likely a less expensive, more effective build

                                                              GENERAL: my initial assessment of Nullifier is probably way off, we'll elaborate more in a future blogpost. The item is likely much better than I initially laid out. We shall see! More content to come as we play around with it more, this is just some initial impressions


                                                                nerf EL ZORRO, Volvo pls


                                                                  Agree with BohrInGame :)
                                                                  This is just the rough basic analysis without even a single match being played so you can't find a better opinion on heroes. Love your efforts man!


                                                                    In a matter of years, we can finally play League of Legends from Steam, called Dota 2.

                                                                    Jolyne Kujo

                                                                      Monkey king = iron man?


                                                                        Iron talon NOOOOOO


                                                                          Poor mans shield NOOOOOOOO


                                                                            how we can get out of monkey king ultimate? we need fucking 4 forced staff to get out of there.. jajaja longest circle ever!


                                                                              im feeling very lonely in public solo Support. RIP Supporters.........

                                                                              love your supp

                                                                                if I see afk jungle LCs, WKs, and BSs after this update, I wonder how many more times IceFrog need to nerf the jungle to stop this idiocy


                                                                                  OVERPOWERED ANTIMAGE


                                                                                    Rip support


                                                                                      no shit! viper can be a suppor now!



                                                                                        Gérard Retardieu

                                                                                          RIP meepo


                                                                                            good fucking job volvo


                                                                                              Just sh*t up guys or Stop playing Dota 2 anymore.

                                                                                              Yorak Hunt

                                                                                                Turbo aka -APEM would be great for a quickie but that world shop thing sucks!!

                                                                                                ηuß ïš ßαςκ



                                                                                                    I believe it is hard to find a support in your matches now, hmm, from what I mean is SEA server, cause I only play on that server, and idk about other servers.. RIP SUPPORT.. PRAY FOR SUPPORT..