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    RIP of Aquila

      While this team review is good, why? Do you intend to provide an overview for all teams or just advertising Immortals?
      Nice read though


        Agreed, a good team review, but it would be nice to overview other teams as well. Otherwise, you looks like just advertising this team. By the way, the video link is broken


          interesting, thank you for this article


            we intend on making a series for a variety of teams and moments in dota, to capture why certain moments, players or teams are/were so special. With the Koreans re-uniting, regardless of the brand they represent, we wanted to capture why this team is so popular

            think of them as chronicles

            We already did one on Wings

            EDIT: If you can think of a team that you would like to read about, for example Alliance TI3, Na'Vi TI2 etc, let us know!

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              Isaías Cancino

                Can you do an article like this about Boston Major-Ad Finem? SwiftRage AWOO! SwiftRage AWOO! SwiftRage


                  Phenoix, Pheonix and Phoenix

                  -Vrz • ロゼリア ♥ Yukina Mina...

                    and i still remember how they draft 5 meele heroes and have faceless void in it, crazy enough and they win the match


                      Maybe about mineski next? They have won some minor since new roster. Anyway, nice article, and true dat seeing Team Immortal fight is like seeing constant skirmish all the time. Sone of them end up beautifully, some of them got overextended and punish them mercilessly

                      narcissistic asshat

                        Yes, please do one on Mineski, really interested in the dynamic of veteran players like ice^3 and Mushi alongside players like Jabz and Nana(Moon)


                          Do one on SEA team pls. And thanks very much, a well written article!

                          Guardian V

                            At first I thought this would be about immortal items......




                                Love them :)


                                  the phenomenom Ad Finem in Boston is a good idea. For a talk about past days.
                                  And an article on Mineski who seems to be a new great championship pretender is a good idea too !
                                  Thx community for good ideas :)

                                  Dog Number 1

                                    *phenomenon *seem *contender