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          fps 30
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              Oh yea


                You dont need ward spots if you save money and don't buy wards :thinking:

                Hive Overmind

                  nice post, i was waiting for it =)


                    Finally i can ward efficiently.

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                        This post provides whats we need, thanks


                          First two wards are rly great, thx

                          MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                            Removing all of these ward spots really balances the buffs that have been consistently hitting supports in the game for ages now. You don't waste as much money on wards, but it's counteracted by how much work it is to ward properly now. All this high and low ground stuff in the jungle has added so much complexity to the map, it's crazy.

                            Guardian V

                              get a quelling blade...cut trees...more vision.....
                              lol im so anti nature.....


                                nc post dude


                                  ^ pick treant, choose talent which make trees grow within 3 secs.

                                  fps 30

                                    brasil is better than peru


                                      Can u guys make an article about how good dark willow is acctuly?Great nukes,team fight control,and good harras in laning stage.


                                        Brock Hall, actually this patch did more than just make wards worse nerfing supports, it made wards cost more nerfing supports, it made courier more of a nuisance when getting starting items making supports consider what they can afford to buy more seriously. The courier cost change while technically lowering total cost to supports weakens the first three minutes power of supports, which is a serious nerf because supports are going to be scarier than carries until at least level 6. Oh and the experience changes that were made make the game more likely to take longer, because heroes that want to farm and go lategame aren't as pressured, this nerfs supports again because it makes having a hero that does not contribute as much late game riskier. Supports need money more now than ever, and with a greater possible presence of late game farming carries they won't necessarily get as much.

                                        Just dont RUSH ME!

                                          how can i update my account?

                                          Frizbee Alert

                                            Question. Do mids get bounty runes and TP back to T2 or do they just block in this meta? obviously the salve was pretty much the most important thing in 1v1s whenever a 1v1 actually happened, but it definitely feels good to automatically have a TP as a mid

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                                                Very helpful

                                                dota is death™Thanks Idio...

                                                  7.07 is bad patch. I prefer to retired then playing this dota4


                                                    thanks :)




                                                        I can't agree more to ffinnaggann, this patch is greatly make hell out of a supports. Less and less player in the lower bracket would ever wanted to be a support, even the pro circuit made support like a walking gold bag with those networth sucking ward cost.


                                                          As a support myself (CM), I would prefer to ask your teammates where they would initiate or push and I would try my best to ward where the enemy might be hiding (trust your instincts, mostly on farm). Also, cooperation is going to be important in this too; and I would recommended putting wards on uncommon areas where most people place them so they won't be able to find it suspicious and deward it that easily.