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    Spectre's ridiculous. Her level 25 talent is insanely good. 30% reflect.


      like... too late?! AM nerved now =)


        it says multiple times that roar gives an attack speed buff but it's actually a movement speed buff.


          please give wr another buff valve ty


            "With Roar’s 30% attack speed buff"

            Primal Roar gives 30% MOVEMENT speed, not attack speed.

            I WUV YOU SHO MUCH ❤

              LUL Excusing Morphling because of "bugs"
              You mean the hero being reworked with no ult?


                thx for info
                going cap mode now :0

                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                  Just expanding on the Windranger problem a little:

                  Windranger previously was able to attack very fast but not move while attacking. This means that over time, WR could in theory output more damage to a hero than before the change. Kiting certain heroes can be very nice, like going after something like an axe from a safe range, or running away from someone while attacking them (that's an expansion of utility for the skill). Problem is, it takes longer to do that damage, plus longer time to kill means longer time to regen which compounds the problem. It also means you are putting yourself in more dangerous situations to output the same amount of damage as you chase a hero further and further into enemy territory.

                  If the attack speed had been left alone it would have been fine, but as it stands WR has lost a lot of damage potential to buildings in all situations AND heroes in the majority of situations.

                  Han Solo (shoots first)

                    Dark Willowed


                      Brock Hall, i dont think you are completely right about focus fire.
                      It's buffed up! Yes, actual DPS is lowered until midgame, BUT you will get maelstrom (+AS) new monkey king bar (+AS) aganims (+agility) stats (+agility) which will cover the loss of the attack speed from +500% to +350%.
                      Previously Attack speed bonus was overcapped because 500% is the cap so items and stats was useless. Now they are bringing us back to the same attack speed int the end.
                      And now we have a huge buff which allows us to make MORE damage to heroes during fight and the shackle is not necessary - you can stun support who can save your prey. and follow the prey attacking it with focus fire and slowing with windrun.
                      For example - killing ursa, sven, antimage and other melee carry became extremely easy. the same is for short range carry like Luna, TA, monkey king.. etc. You can attack them and kite at the same time using skadi or diffusals OR even abysal blade. yes. i think this item is great to deal with dangerous opponents like sven who usually use BKB.
                      previously it was not very usefull. but now this item turn to be MVP in the lategame

                      PS.: sorry for my english, i hope you can understand my point

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                        Valve: "What can we do this patch? I see Brood has a terrible win rate and no one plays her, lets go ahead and make her less fun to play for the few that do play her so no one ever plays her again. Job done!"

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                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                          WR needs blink before any other big items, which really slows down her farm. Once you get it though, you were a solid pickoff hero for a little bit while you farmed up either an aghs or maybe an orchid or maelstrom. I strongly disagree that shackle is unnecessary.

                          Aghs in some situations can be pushed off a little further than before I suppose, but now you have to buy AS items instead of raw dmg items to get her back to a good AS. This means that sure, now she can technically have more attacks per second than before, but I am skeptical that it equates to more dmg/sec, and more importantly I'm skeptical that it will output more upfront dmg (within the first 5 sec of the ult vs overall), as that was where WR was getting kills anyway.

                          Also, WR doesn't get damage from agi so I'm not sure what your point is there. Maelstrom isn't the worst item but considering you can always move highground the mkb would lose a little bit of its utility on her.

                          I appreciate the counter comment, that's what makes commenting on these articles really great.

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                            WR gets attack speed from agi, that was his point I'd think.

                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                              That makes sense with his argument yeah.

                              I will be much more on board with buying any agi items if they decide to change WR from an intelligence hero to an agility hero. Part of me thinks that the changes they have been doing to WR have been intentionally making her worse so that they can make the switch over to agi, which opens up a list of far superior items for her skillls, without her suddenly being OP.

                              [HWG] JustAnotherPonyGuy

                                Techies are above 50% now. Woohoo!


                                  I made a huge mistake of playing rank in this week with all the people trying pangolion and suck at it, or spamming willow


                                    wew i cant believe tinker winrate raising. i was spamming tinker before update 8/10 was win. after update i cant playing tinker picked 2 times both fucked up. dont know why.

                                    Gago Peruano

                                      Plis report peru

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                                        "Ember and Earth Spirit were notoriously sub 40% win rates until a bevy of patches brought them to a playable status"

                                        This isn't what happened, both Ember and Earth have seen mostly nerfs since they came out. They had terrible win rates because nobody knew how to play them.

                                        To quote the Dotabuff post below, "Ember Spirit was bad because we were bad"

                                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                          It could be the changes to the fountain regen. Are you accustomed to dropping your items to boost your regen time?

                                          These are the changes to fountain:

                                          Fountain damage increased from 190-199 to 220-240
                                          Fountain mana regen increased from 4% MP + 14 mana per second to 6%
                                          Fountain HP regen increased from 4% to 5%

                                          This means the mana regen scales, so no matter how much mana you have it will take the same amount of time to regen. Flat mana regen benefits a smaller pool, thus dropping until full made sense, but that's gone now.