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wet popcorn™

    Pick Gyro. You won't get attacked because you don't use magic.


      I usually counter an AM with Sven, who can farm nearly as fast as him and crush him at any point from early game to midgame and even lategame with the right lockdown.

      I also use PL to beat AM in straightforward fights and force him to rat instead.


        ^ this had better be a joke


          MAY THE 4TH BE WITH ME!


            No mention of Ags anywhere in this post


              Now that Viper removes passives, he would be a pretty good counter to Magina, no?


                I like early carriers like sven or pa since they can kill am while hes still weak and snowball afterwards. Am doesnt like physical burst early in the game, and these heroes can do so at lv6 with a couple items.

                jack burton

                  i just run back to base and cry in the fountain.


                    ES will always be my best counter to AM.. no need to worry bout his aghs/linkens.. let him rush his BKB.


                      go off lane enchantress.. deny all cs.. make him rage and jungle.

                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                        I really like the last statement in this article. AM is definitely a great split pusher eventually, which means you have tons of time where you can deathball to force him to either push independently (at a loss) or help the teamfight (most likely at a loss). He isn't like NP who can at least provide some damage and jump in from time to time no matter where he is. There are a lot of great opportunities to make him look like an idiot just by ignoring him. That tunnel vision is real though, friends. It's hard to shake.


                          hmmm pick lich + slardar/Cent/dark seer and other.AM can't farm this lane.After warded forest enemy and gank him. And you win!)


                            I used to pick faceless void against AM, the key is to farm in the same level of AM and get a shadow blade so I can guarantee I will get him in the Chrono

                            Gabe Newell

                              AM is so powerful in this patch i keep spamming him in rank match that's why my mmr gained


                                Playing AM I always hate seeing a Bloodseeker, he can destroy you early game and its so hard to farm with him stalking you all the time.

                                If I'm against an AM I love either LC or PA, LC destroys him in duels because of the lockdown, his fast BAT and his low strength gain and PA just blows him up early/mid game


                                  Dealing with AM:


                                    just take mass disablers and stunners in team,especially enigma and he cant do shit in teamfights


                                      Usually counter him with Dusa


                                        u aint going no where antimage said meepo the geomancer


                                          Pick Shadow Shaman for an ez win against AM

                                          fps 30

                                            gank him on early game gg


                                              Good article but Imo the best counter for am is zeus

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                                                  Heart tired

                                                    Pick meepo

                                                    i cant win

                                                      I counter am with void because chronosphere and time dilation

                                                      Akazuki Addicted to Serenity

                                                        Heroes like Spectre and Necro got 55% Winrate for YEARS,but nobody gives a ****,meanwhile AM was instantly nerfed after his WR got above 55%.Thanks volvo.


                                                          I've had luck with axe. Trick is to burn off your mana so AM hits for very little damage. Arcane and soulring so you can get your call and culling blade off when you need it.


                                                            Nullifier CD 14sec.
                                                            Linken's CD 13sec.

                                                            Better use that big window of -1 seconds well to apply nullifier on AM.


                                                              i like to counter him with terrorblade (basically deathpush) or a melee carry like Jugg,Pa,Troll with magnus in team (pa and troll are pretty solid counters even without mag)

                                                              EDIT: for support players these heroes are good counters: Bane, Nightstalker, Lion, Shadow Shaman

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                                                                play meepo. gg ez


                                                                  for support players Shadow Demon is excellent counter. You destroy him in lane , you can 1v1 late game, all thanks to disruption


                                                                    EDIT: for support players these heroes are good counters: Bane, Nightstalker, Lion, Shadow Shaman

                                                                    Those are some of the WORST supports to deal with AM.


                                                                      "EDIT: for support players these heroes are good counters: Bane, Nightstalker, Lion, Shadow Shaman
                                                                      Those are some of the WORST supports to deal with AM."

                                                                      since I often play support what supports are good against AM? I mostly play jakiro, maiden, lich and omniknight


                                                                        pick OD and everything will be easy againts AM


                                                                          no mention to shadow demon?


                                                                            @420 ! wtf against AM you said to pick ZEus ! ? wat about AM passive ?

                                                                            SICKO MODE

                                                                              CK, Void, any duo hard lane
                                                                              Insta win versus vagina

                                                                              Oke ka?

                                                                                just play AM


                                                                                  OD is probably the most hardest counter in highest pub game

                                                                                  Need new name

                                                                                    I like picking rubick support against am.. Free blink at level 6 makes rubick very strong in my opinion. The pos 5 becomes the long range initiator and you can control the fights the way you want. if you have lvl 4 blink they maynot even be able to kill you but they waste time trying to.

                                                                                    MaxxForce DT

                                                                                      Scumbag hero then scumbag hero now. Wins by not confronting enemy heroes. The less he sees another hero the more likely he is to win. Scumbag through and through.


                                                                                        no mention of aghs on AM hahahaha

                                                                                        SICKO MODE

                                                                                          Just nerf the illusions' mana burn

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                                                                                            Just pick Terrorblade


                                                                                              No one in the comments talking about Bloodseeker, who is hands down the hardest AM counter in all stages of the game.. Pop rupture on him and watch him a) blink and lose half his hp, or b) squirm and try to fight in place (if you catch him early enough, he won't stand a chance)


                                                                                                TB/Meepo/PL/Naga/CK ...pretty much illusion heroes counter am


                                                                                                  I swear disruptor is so underrated no one even mention that op sup


                                                                                                    The grammatical errors are plentiful this article.