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    antagonist 4 hire
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        Hey guys, here is TA bug
        Idk why but psionic traps now HASTES enemy by 30 percent
        Its a bug
        CHECK THIS

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            Morph ulti is becoming at least usable, still a pretty poor skill for him, IMO, but now with occasional play potential, and you can even transform to use a stun or something early on instead of just draining down all your mana.


              me to icefrog:
              Do you like my WW?
              No. I hate it.
              Seriously though, some heroes are just like hated. Like, every hero which is not a strong core is just useless in pubs. Hated heroes can win only by unfair tactics like constantly grouping up on 1 guy and warding-dewarding, which is not what i came for.


                doh few more days

                Shadow Link

                  "7.07B ADDRESSES TINY & AM" Should be "c" not "b". Fix typo.

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                  Mein Kampf

                    spectre now back to square one now lol.
                    got 50 desolate dmg but pierces spell immune

                    Sleight of My Fist In You...

                      really bored of this game


                        fixed typo (and clip not showing)


                          Fix clip

                          Simon Lebon

                            Rip my poor tiny T_T


                              My favorite tiny RIP.
                              I play on 3 t mmr and if on 3t mmr he have 47 percent win,after one week it be about 40 percent...

                              Knee Guard

                                The tree grab tweak was okay. It made a value point in tree grab worth it, which means you can still go AvaToss Tiny in early game as opposed to the straight up carry build the pros have been doing.
                                The really head-scratching part was the massive damage reduction to Grow and the weird (at least for me) addition of armor. I always thought the whole concept of Tiny was that without armor he was an enticing target, but he made up for it with massive attack damage and burst potential. Now the attack advantage is gone and even with the cleave bonus from the tree there's still a 5-second downtime enemies can exploit. 5 armor isn't enough protection for early game, and 15 is inconsequential once you've farmed up your AC (which is core on Tiny anyway).


                                  Are you fuckin serious? 10 teams in PW, and you name 9? Really? It is really sad how dotabuff is shitting on Kinguin, since it's top4 Europe team

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                                  DOTA = NEVER AGAIN

                                    IMO the hero that really got nerfed is Meepo, even more so than Tiny/AM.


                                      whops, left out Kinguin by mistake (I had them in the summit lineup and thought I also had c/p them into PWM, my bad



                                        DotA 2 is a team game, not pve :)