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      ♏ikeeCS ツ
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        IJN Yamashiro

          My fav hero as a carry pre-7.06. Now my fav hero as a pos 4, been spamming her and got more than 80% in last 25 naga picks.


            In my opinion, great hero overall, love naga in any position. I think that versatil heroes are the most fun to play and spectate. I do realize many people find carry naga boring, personally I enjoy those long tactic games, however, great news to see a revival of posision 4 naga.

            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

              Naga succeeds in these roles because her skills for the most part don't focus on damage numbers. She has a root which is useful no matter what position you play, she has sleep, which, carry or not, is amazing. Can't say that about Drow. Illusions are fantastic walking wards that can also attack. You lose illusions as a method of scouting when you transfer her to carry, but since you can farm incredibly hard and have a built in manta, you basically don't need her to have any skills that increase damage. She is a bucket of augmentation, and you're bound to find a use for her somehow.

              I dunno. Just saying I guess.

              MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                Totally agree on long games. It's building suspense. Having 200 kills in a game only serves to make kills as boring as farming.


                  She was never forgotten, last IT 2017 she was used to combo disruptor ultimate by EG. They even had to ban her a few times against that team. I think it was eg, can't remember very well.


                    Just recently thought about this hero. Thanks for the article!


                      how about "How to deal with Naga Siren" article


                        My favorite hero by far in the game. I still like playing her in the Mid carry roll but she is amazing as a Pos 4 and always a hard hero to deal with in the right hands. Im glad she's received a good amount of buffs lately. Still not the biggest fan of her lvl 25 talents but other than that she is still hands down my favorite hero.


                          naga was never gone tbh


                            not going to lie, reading this article is giving me desire to start playing this hero as i have never played before !


                              she feels like venge to me, versatile hero that has a skillset to both played as carry or supporting the team

                              i11 74ss 3 3xm 6u 100 6411s

                                strong build
                                cus you just use nobrain snare and nobrain hammer ty gabe

                                -Vrz • ロゼリア ♥ Yukina Mina...

                                  "The Play" is really coming back
                                  hope to see it in ti8

                                  Tu tayta

                                    Sad times. A patch where Naga Siren is a viable hero is a sign of a bad patch, such a cancerous piece of shit.

                                    I Report Feeders

                                      The Play means ResidentSleeper?

                                      No Fear

                                        POs 3 tri lane naga incoming boys ft Dazzle treant

                                        No Fear

                                          Or shadow demon dazzle .

                                          Harambe Trump

                                            Loved Siren as a carry, super good when u can pick her with the perfect condition for her to flourish as carry (teammate, enemy, etc). Might try her going full support someday. Now i need a patch where spectre might go support and all my go-to carries became support lol.