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    I was hope artifact is free. I love tcg games

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      I have NO IDEA why Na'Vi agreed to swap Lil for Rodjer. They lost that trade hard. Maybe not directly, they are equally great support players, but the shakeup it did to Na'Vi's roster(Sonneiko was already having chemistry issues with his teammates, then they went and traded for someone he openly fought with in Lil, guaranteeing his exit)
      And VP are just laughing to the DPC point bank

      The R.Rogue

        They have no choice,from what i know is rodger itself want to leave navi,not kicked out.Wheter they take lil and get some dpc point or they had to find another roster for their next week tourney.


          Not impressed with first artifact images. Immediately gives the impression of a Hearthstone rip off. Not free to play. Doesn’t look original. Have a feeling I’ll be passing it up.


            @The R.Rogue there were conspiracy theories that Na'Vi and VP traded so that Na'Vi, because of Lil's points, will be within the top 8 of the DPC rankings, and will thus get the direct invite to TI. "CIS graft and corruption". lol

            Alyssum Myosotis

              Artifact probably won't be free2play. But please don't make it pay2win.

              galinha "adorável" velha

                ritsu sucks