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    Пожалуй, останусь в истории


      ty for tralking about sven, he really need buff :D once upon time he had 57 % win rate and now only 48.
      -9 % and valve keep nerfing him
      when sven had 57 % win rate
      he had +30% attack speed talent , now its changed. MOM attack speed also decreased.
      warcry cd increased for 2 patches times,he got -5 movement speed 2 times , attack rate changed, GS strength 2 times nerfed,
      also stun duration changed to 1.6 instead of 2 sec.
      stole all his attack speed, stole all his strength , increased skills cd and reduced stun duration. almost 7_8 nerfs in recent patches.
      valve delete hero from dota if you don't like it , why so?

      Juanito Platano

        7.13 was a terrible update, sure Visage was strong but this is just pathetic
        Valve just wants every TI match 1h long


          No io mentioned,kawai-suck again


            At now better playing on agility heroes.
            seemslul if u like SVEN.

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              Brad Marchand

                My boi Slar sitting on em


                  nice patch volvo

                  ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                    Sven is really good compared to some other cores Buff bloody alch his early game is just so bad and there's just too many counter's for his regen change 30+regen talent to like xx% status resist in CR


                      I think overall valve is very wary about buffing 1v5 heroes. That would be heroes like Sven who with a good early game can easily 1v5 the whole other team. Same reason I think they nerfed Alch into complete oblivion.


                        ^ I agree with @Nemesis because even with all these nerf sven can still farm pretty fast compare to other heroes and with a farmed sven and a good initiation you can still wipe the whole team in just a few seconds


                          Still no mention of Rikimaru sitting near 58% winrate

                          Shadow Walker

                            nice, valve

                            Excuse me, what the fuck

                              I actually can't understand why Zeus with 58% winrate who is obviously overpowered and does million damage in one sec in fight... I really don't understand why he is not getting nerfed.

                              Also OD is a bit too strong in early game in my opinion.

                              In general though patch is balanced.


                                Agree with guy above wtf is up with OD. Can literally three or four shot any hero pre BKB with no items. By the time you can get BKB snowball is too strong GG.


                                  Obviously that this one was just a piece of sh!t.


                                    Huskar got hit hard in this update. Sure he is a Strength hero, but he would prefer less lockdown time over the diminishing returns in magic resistance. Also most of his damage is magic, which also really hurts him. Then they follow it up with a 7.13b that nerfs him more taking away that precious armor and movement speed.


                                      Make Sven Great Again


                                        all problems are for public and pro games, maybe its better if they make public games and pro games apart, I mean they create new lobby for TI and other pro games , and now they can nurf and buff heroes and wont make trouble with public games


                                          I think riki ulti is more op than jugg. Low cd, more dmg, with mana cost of only 75. They should increase mana cost of riki ulti to match that of jugg.


                                            Riki's ult should cost atleast 200 mana and like 70+ seconds CD


                                              Yeah Riki's big winrate spike really needed a mention here


                                                Riki's pickrate has TRIPLED


                                                  You use 50Centaur Warrunner as Thumbnail, but dont talk about him.... :(


                                                    good read

                                                    I Pick $upport 4 Noob Car...

                                                      If someone can explain why Leshrac getting picked in recent tournaments?


                                                        rikimaru dominating the pub