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    Spectre is a nice hero for a mm, but she can`t play on pro-scene

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      stronk passives


        nice article Sir ~

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        burger time

          "Ub game." Not to sound like an ass, but how do spelling errors like this get through? Do the writers not run their articles through spellcheck?


            Spectre is op and always was. The reason why she is not picked on pro scene is probably just meta brain desease.


              Should you pick Spectre?

              If you are a carry player and like winning.


                как же стыдно эти статьи читать когда они об общего к частному переходят хоть немного

                консультируйтесь хоть с кем-то кто что-то понимает в доте или оперируйте общими фразами

                ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                  it was picked a couple of times in ESL but it mostly got countered


                    Лучший герой в доте.

                    Baba Yaga™

                      Nice article for my fav hero :)

                      When I got losing streak or 1 or two lose in a row I just spam this hero to make green again.

                      Harambe Trump

                        Nice article for my sweetheart, best girl in dota. Given in a right team situation, spectre is a beast. U just need to pick spectre when the time is right. Isnt that the case to every carry? Yeah, but in my opinion spectre is really situation-dependant hero.

                        Sleight of My Fist In You...

                          just pick an all push lineup and pressure tier 3s before 20 mins and spec will be the most useless carry ever


                            Nice article

                            TT ZauEn!

                              nice article


                                I've just win with this hero XD
                                Nice Article man
                                The answer is yes u must!


                                  Yes first pick Spectre free mmr for me(I'm kidding pls ban that hero).


                                    How to win against Spectre:
                                    Step 1: Pick Undying
                                    Step 2: Profit


                                      Pick spectre IF enemy offlane isn't rediculously overpowered dual, AND you have adequate lane support that knows that keeping you happy is the only win condition they need to worry about. - With these factors spectre can basically go toe to toe with just about any enemy lineup.

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                                          The simple answer is no in the pro scene, winning the lane stage has become the most important aspect of Dota. VP is a big threat in the pro scene, and picking Spectre just helps VP end the game even faster. VP is known to win all lanes and end games at 20 minutes, like Spectre is gonna keep farming after the ancient die and get 40k net-worth to destroy the enemies??

                                          < blank >

                                            in the last 17 games with spec i won 15, thats pretty much 100% as long as your team is even half decent.
                                            most games i went solo off lane because i know i can easily catch up later and relay on vanguard and blaid mail to have a huge impact in team fights.

                                            she can be very good early game just by maxing her E and standing i the middle soaking dmg, not to mention the moment she hits 6 she can be anywhere on the map to help get a kill.

                                            overall she is my favorite carry and it is freaking hard to lose with her


                                              Currently, there is no place for Spectre in the pro-scene because of the prevalence of strong offlane dual lanes which can dominate the safelane. Gone are the days where you can dedicate two supports to control the lane with pulling and stacks while zoning out the lone enemy offlane. A trilane versus a strong dual offlane usually translate to the trilane losing in gold and exp.


                                                Spec is not a op hero the reason she win 60% of matches is coz most ppl in pub don't know how to counter spec
                                                Spec is well balanced hero and doesn't need any nerf or buff
                                                I believe pros don't play spec because spec need high farm n high XP to participate in team fight and all pros know how to counter spec so even farmed spec can be easily killed like paper...
                                                Best counter for spec are timber dk io huskar undying ls even bs can counter if u play good bs
                                                Items to counter spec silveredge bkb Nullifier
                                                I love to play spec its my most fav hero but I also know how to counter it ez if enemy picks it up...


                                                  Dk,huskar,timber weak vs spectre late manta pure damage,only medusa is better carry in late

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                                                  Nada Kamilia

                                                    She is of course a SITUATIONAL pick and no wonder why she has a high win rate because mostly people will pick Mercurial last. Even Guardian like me pick last and of course she has a lot of win rate.


                                                      I might sound like a noob but I never actually know how to play spectre.
                                                      I know how to counter him but just don't know how to play her.




                                                          It's not even about anything like "people in pubs don't know how to counter her" or similar. People in pubs have simply no way to be as coordinated as pros - and to counter Spectre you have to play coordinated. So no matter the player's individual skill, Spectre in pubs will always be way, way above that in pro games. There are 4 possibilities here for balance; totally rework her, let her be very underpowered in pro games, let her stay overpowered in pubs or change the meta insanely much.

                                                          Should you pick her?
                                                          If you care about climbing MMR you probably should. Even if you are below average player, if you spam her you will probably get a hang of her so that you can have 55% plus win rate until way out of your MMR.
                                                          If you don't care about MMR and don't find playing her fun (which I think most people don't do) then don't.


                                                            Spec and Zeus are OP in pub. Based on my experience, not only once, many times when I was playing spec I was devastated on the lane especially with passive supports, but somehow in the post 30-min mark, I actually got a rampage and a turn around after finishing radiance + vangu on 20-25 min mark, Dispersion is ridiculously strong that makes spec very tanky and kill every heroes around him unless he got Break or the enemy got spell immune

                                                            सिद्धार्थ পাল

                                                              Pick Lifestealer and gg.


                                                                Have any of you ever tried Mjollnir on Spectre?
                                                                Best item on the hero in my opinion, (maybe aside from Manta Style) yet I never see Spectre players other than myself pick it.


                                                                  Spectre is so good in some certain situations..


                                                                    I love Spectre. I just carried an impossible comeback with her last night. I was basically durable af with 103k dmg output at late game.


                                                                    Jean Bart

                                                                      Рано или поздно, Спектра расфармится, а расфармленная Спектра нажатием одной кнопки вносит в драку больше импакта, чем половина команды противника.

                                                                      Ха-ха! Ха-ха! Ха-ха!

                                                                      Самый сильный Carry в Dota!

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                                                                      bOOty hunter

                                                                        Late game almost immortal..u just can fountain dive with just 4 good items... HOT manta butterfly and radince...
                                                                        But she is a situational pick offcourse... If the opponent team is not much dependent on their main carry,then there's high chance of loosing the game with spectre inside 25 minutes...she needs loads of farm...
                                                                        But late game, MFS, seriously unbalnced... Even if breaked, there will be manta and blademail coming your way...that +8% =30 % dispersion in total is too much in late game...and that with manta and the haunt illusions to which you deal more damage, means you get more damage reflected with the dispersion than the real spectre.... U just have to tp out and counter push...can't fight...

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                                                                          the reason spec is not picked in pro scene is the pro game meta is of early to mid game snowball ....
                                                                          good lane leads to good mid game and that leads to game as shown by VP and Liquid so spec along with am doesn't fit with that meta....