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scruffy looking fish




      good guy artour

        yeetus that zuesus

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              Mr.MiyaGi. Orunashol

                you guys know any recent pro match where Zeus was picked

                सिद्धार्थ পাল

                  Add ministun to all zeus spells.


                    OH MY ZEUS!

                    Kename  Fin

                      wew, time to start playing doto again!


                        I'm disturbed how the strength of a hero is measured by devs only on their picking stats in the pro scene.
                        They nerfed tiny to ground, a hero now with a 30% winrate and they aren't addressing this. They're buffing a already strong and picked hero in pubs just because he is not picked in pro games.
                        I think the issue is just the role some particular heroes cover. Nukers aren't popular in pro play, unless they can also push towers efficiently. Disablers are more popular since they can make the difference in team battles and a team wipe usually means cracking high ground. They just need to accept the fact they are pub heroes and pro play heroes and a hero need to be balanced according to the category he belongs.


                          No offense to the eggs guy, but his articles seem to be literally changelogs + stats data analysis. Maybe it has some sort of insight for people that dont follow pro scene meta, but overall i believe that anyone who can bother to spend 30 mins on looking through patches and dotabuff stats can get the same information. I do hope the quality of the articles is going to improve.


                            @k4os5 Learn from the pros and counter pick. I'm pff to do some dotabuff research on Zeus myself.


                              Counter pick what? I'm just saying I find disturbing the buff at all cost heroes who don't have space in the pro meta but are strong in pubs and vice versa. Several heroes got underserved nerf and several heroes got underserved buffs.


                                The meta (ie. buffs and nerfs) should continually change. Also the game balance must focus primarily on the pro meta, on the pub meta secondly.

                                Appendix Vermiformis

                                  We really need tiny back. I am so sad about his winrate. On the other hand zeus has become cancer (especially with that ulti spam) and become one of my personal top ban (include techies, tinker and am). Although zeus is very counterable with almost any core with bkb and the ability to chase zeus quickly (am, slark, pa).

                                  Gabba Gabba

                                    0/10 WK has 2 buttons writer obviously 1k confirmed


                                      ^without item wk actually only have 2 buttons


                                        lets buff the overpowered heroes because they aren't picked enough in the pro scene


                                          Zeus - God
                                          Skills dont work in bkb

                                          One True Merchant

                                            And hasn't been picked at all in the group stage of China Supermajor.
                                            Good buff
                                            Good analysis


                                              Zeus + Bloodseeker = WIN (EASY!)