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    Nerf slark please.

    Appendix Vermiformis

      Slark is completely buffed from every aspect of game. Lucky he got nerfed on 7.20b


        Don't know if adding 100 and removing 1 from it can be called nerfed.

        Johnny B. Goode

          There is an error in the text right at the start. I'm sure you meant to write that Treads now give attack damage instead of attack speed, not movement speed.

          Jack Attack

            Funny how everyone complains to nerf stuff. I simply play the broken stuff till fixed.


              ^ yes

              Uuun TAnkA

                Lel Jack is the true sage


                  i thought maybe after svens 7 months absence in pro games they will buff him but funny that they still keep nerfing sven
                  1) cleave is now worse, you cant nuke enemies with cleave anymore.
                  2) warcry no more effects creeps, you cant push towers anymore
                  the hate is real !!!


                    I like changes , but in this patch meepo and slark got so much benefits from changes (meepo: wraith band change - slark: game mechanics(like leash) and that agility steal shit) and dazzle and lich are broken a.f ...

                    Иван Говнов

                      please correct wraith band's 7% AS to simply 7 AS


                        7% or 7 AS?


                          @blue at first, I also thought it was a nerf, but it seems to be a buff too. Now, if you hit target with high armor (the carry), u do more cleave dmg on lower armor unit (the supports). Usually, in teamfight, u would only hit the carry with more than 20 armor, so the cleave dmg is also reduced by 20 armor, but now the cleave dmg get reduced by different amount of armor.

                          Simple explanation :
                          Carry armor : 20 armor or 70% dmg reduction
                          Support armor : 7 armor or 30% dmg reduction
                          If u have 100% cleave and u have 100 dmg then hit the carry, then the cleave dmg would deal 70 dmg on the support (this patch) instead of 30 dmg (7.19 and below patch)

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                              Dude you didnt even meantion the changes to Solar Crest, the item is by far the strongest item in the game right now

                              Lots of armor, all status, mana regen, moviment speed. Use in allies for more armor and attack speed, use in enemies for less armor and slow. Doesnt even cost mana to activate and its not even expensive.

                              You can justify this item in any support, and also in any core that is not just magic or pure damage.

                              How is that item not a core item in Chaos Knight? Fix his mana problems and give back the minus armor from Reality Shift while giving his illusions all status.

                              Assault Cuirass feels so weak compared to Solar Crest right now.


                                Yeah I was also thinking solar crest will be a go to item now


                                  Solar Crest is still only 10 damage... But it sure fills a lot of gaps right now... For example, when I get around to playing another game on Bristle, guess what I will be going for... Solar Crest like x4 or something... Shit ton of armor, good mana regen, some speed and some stats to really drive out any hope that the enemy has of killing that thing.


                                    I really dislike Wraith Band atm and I was not thinking about it at first but making every items unique so that you can only ever wear 1 of it each might solve some problems I guess.

                                    Black Wolf

                                      Heroes like slark need so much commitment from all team members to kill thats insane. Why the fuck did they make him fucking OP again?!?


                                        Force Staff breaks the Leash but doesn't move you so Slark just runs your ass down anyway.

                                        But even then people won't care cause unless he's unplayable no one wants to hear about him cause it takes actually buying detection and actually grouping up and not running 5 greedy cores to kill him. People hate being told to play actually good stun supports and to buy wards rather than try to build items as supports against a stealth hero. Lich's new gaze could single handedly fuck Slark and if your carry has any sort of stun to follow up with or maybe a second support with one it's done and it's rather minimal commitment in that case since without the freedom to ult Slark is as prone to exploding as Sniper.

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                                        Wex Wex Quas

                                          as i know icfrog i think he will buff slark next patch

                                          Duke Nukem

                                            dota is changing, community stay !=")!="$§


                                              Very sad for Solar Crest, it was very useful back then against PA / other Evasion / Butterfly build heroes & now it cost very expensive, when it should be a mid game items & support can be bought too for increase their durability... What a hard nerf...


                                                @nep its a big nerf also on warcry. now warcry give you a shield that will end after getting one crit. totally it blocks 400 dmg.
                                                but before you had 20 armor for 12 seconds , 12 second armor im sure could block 2 times more dmg than new 400block


                                                  @B.L.U.E pretty sure 7.19 warcry last for 8 sec not 12
                                                  but damn a straight, Sven is pretty bad for a while now, but instead of buff Icefrog making him to trash tier
                                                  - change cleave mechanic (got least number adjustment of all cleave in game, well really suit "Great Cleave" name /s)
                                                  - warcry buff is better for support/gank sven but worse for carry sven
                                                  - Armor inflation really kill his perk

                                                  There is no place for sven in current patch at all
                                                  no reason to pick him at all while other do alot better and easier
                                                  Maybe Icefrog hate this hero

                                                  btw. fck slark and lunar


                                                    Shit patch. Broken game when every hero in every lane has 4 of same item. Rubick 4 null, Lifestealer 3 Wraith Bands. Zeus 4 Null Ogre 4 Bracers and Centaur 4 bracers. game ended 20 min. One starting bracer null or wraith replaced with 3k item from T3 and rax gold.. SAF patch.

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                                                    ready for everythings

                                                      am still rush battlefury,
                                                      ogre still rush midas,

                                                      solo ranked :
                                                      always 4 carry and 1 support,
                                                      in mid-game 3 dogs jungle(and blame if they dying), 1 carry and 1 support roaming and feeding

                                                      still same game for me :)






                                                            I started spamming slark in 7.20c still too strong :)