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póg mo thóin



      Imo there's two ways to approach fantasy today. First: Ride or die with the lower bracket team you think is going to win. Pick LGD or Liquid and go all in on all 5 of their players.

      Second: Go for the lower bracket team you think will win's 1,2,and 5. So for liquid, Miracle, W33, and Kuro, and for LGD, Ame, Somnus, and xNova, then go OG's 1 and 5, Ana and Notail.

      Basically the winner of the lower bracket has a potential to play up to 8 games today. However, the way that points are scored, 3 and 4 pos players don't wrack up a lot of points. So it's up to you to come to a conclusion of whether you think that the finals series will go long enough, that Ana and Notail can score enough points to outweigh the 2 or 3 extra games that the lower bracket players would get.

      3/4s tend to get about half the points of their 1/5 counterparts, so the best advice I can give is: "If you think the lower bracket team you choose will beat OG, go all in on them. If you think OG will win, pick the 1,2,5 of the lower bracket team, and then Ana and Notail."


        If OG wins - they didn't fluke at ALL, they win again, especially if they beat LGD again = EU is strong (3rd TI win for EU) - double TI
        IF Liquid wins - they are kings of the lower bracket, w33 proves himself = EU is strong - double TI
        If LGD wins - they take it at home, brake EU domination, no one wins TI twice yet

        Every scenario is Pog enough, what a time to be alive


          today liquid'll take ti champ!

          Synderen Sub

            No matter who wins today, all 3 teams have worked tirelessly to get to this point. While all of them will leave with at least substantial prize money today, only one team will have the glory of being called the winner of TI9. With history about to be made, let's wish everyone the best of luck!


              fuck that topson core is fearsome


                Can't believe, OG is the best team in history.

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