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    Wow first


      I still think ignite is a terrible skill investment. It's 90 mana for a poor scaling slow and while the damage is nice the big thing about the 3021 skill build is that you lower the cooldowns of your stun and main team helping ability. Also a 75% chance of a double fireblast is much more reliable than a double ignite which sprays its content more messily than a 40 year old virgin.


        Nice writeup, thanks for the analysis. We had this discussion yesterday.

        "with Strength carries on your team, who generally lack attack damage." I guess you meant attack speed here.

        Monzcarro Murcatto

          *but the second one can come in extremely handy with Strength carries on your team, who generally lack attack damage.*
          I think this should say attack speed


            4-1-1-1 is the best way to play ogre

            actually fuck ignite ud rather have mana for stun and E

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              then max E

              Dr Fart, PhD

                I picked up on the meta build from TI going 3-0-3-1 as position 5 ogre, and I have to say it felt much better than the classic 1-4-1-1 build up. With your built in armor and regen, you can trade just as easily in lane with the enemy offlaner/support by walking up and bopping them in the face while bloodlusted than the classic ignite and then run after them but the slow wheres off rather quickly.

                Brünk Hüll

                  In the past I would have gone for what I call 'Brocks Build' and fill my inventory with mangoes and tangoes at the beginning, giving myself an inordinate level of regen. It's nice for bullying in lane but doesn't scale a lot. Obviously better to set yourself up for soul ring.

                  Now. I understand that the item isn't all that popular and technically falls off in the late game, but for me one of the best early game items you can get is Atos. Atos already has a pretty far cast range, and add to that the 600 buffer range and you have an item that auto-exploits positioning errors. There are a lot of heroes that won't be as easily able to get their teammate out of a bind because both of them are rooted. It's like having treant ulti but you don't have to be in the middle of the fight. Yeah you can manta or bkb it, but in terms of utility to cost, you're gonna get suuuuch a better teamfight early in the game out of this than you would if you got euls. Definitely still really like having solar crest too, but I'd also argue a well timed halberd can utterly rule.

                  Of course it's nice to talk about how midas makes it possible to go for a lot of those upper tier items like sheepstick or bloodthron, but between having a midas and....basically any other early game item, an ogre's early game will be shot. Depending on your team's strength timings you might be messing things up in the hopes you will be able to weather the storm until the late game. Currently it has a 53% winrate which isn't anything to scoff at, but I'm guessing a lot of the losses the item has are simply because it left the team hanging rather than team coordination etc.

                  DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                    Ogre has 11th highest wr in my pub range, and I've most commonly seen him as core - typically going mid or safelane. I am curious if the gpm talent is still the lesser at level 10 in this scenario.

                    Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 31.93% win rate. This is a tragedy. How many times has it given that clutch nyx stun saving a teammate's life, or given just enough mana to reincarnate as wk? It is our duties as fellow gamers and members of the DotA 2 community to restore the honor of this item and give it the win rate it deserves.


                      @Greentoa123 Buy wand


                        Bananas man, they are running after the helicopters with jelly in their shoes. You wouldn't believe the amount of flying potatoes around the hot tub. Crazy!

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                          Your TI9 predict sucks


                            "position 7" LOL

                            Brad Bowyer

                              The cast range talent only seems to benefit one spell which is fireblast. This is why most players do not get aether lens anyway. Force staff is a simple solution to the cast range problem, not aether. Usually, it is unwise to not leave 1 point in ignite. Competitive matches are a different level, where they find themselves using up all their mana after spamming 1st and 3rd skill. "1-1-4-1 build", please report this support thank you.

                              Brünk Hüll


                                Cast range benefits the items you get as well, which when bolstered with multicast bonus range (650) you can abyssal from a whopping 900 units away. I'm not saying it's feasible to expect abyssal as ogre, but the cast range talent is more for bolstering items than skills.


                                  pos 7?


                                    Cast range also benefits placing wards....can drop one from farther away.....slightly faster vision in a fight or push than the extra 100 move to place.


                                      If I may. My credentials:

                                      For PUB games, try: 2-1-2-1-1-4-1-3-2-ignite add'l damage perk; as your skill build to level 10. Helping the carry farm could be as simple as casting ignite on the neuts he's farming. You can't ignore the benefit of the burst damage of Fireblast in the early game. 1 point in bloodlust is fine.

                                      Items: Orb, Tango, Mango, Potion. Mid game items: Orb, Tranq Boots, Wand, Potions (for mana sustain), building up to Midas.

                                      Once you have Midas, you can go either Aether Lens (for added range on Igntie) or escape items (Glimmer, Force Staff).

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