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    Last :o


      10 sec after major

      Acid Snow

        So glad the GMP talets are gone, just like the previously removed Respawn Reduction Time, I always took them both.




            No more glimmers and force staves to saving mispositioned cores, you are on your own

            Also, have fun playing starved support with PA, SS, Clinkz, etc hunting you like crazy


              Your TI9 predict sucks

              Не пытайтесь повторять мо...

                Finally unkillable 4slotted supports are no more


                  These are all great changes other than the outposts.

                  I love the increased buyback penalty, I've always disliked the buyback meta where you aren't really punished for buying back like you used to be with the old debuff. This change this bring us back to the days of buyback feeling painful, especially early on.

                  The GPM talents made the game harder to balance and made some heroes inherently more item heavy than they should be. I might be the only one but I liked the old position 6, it felt like you were actually a support and not a 5th core hero; with free couriers and wards support life has never been easier so I think its fair the GPM talents have gone now.

                  The neutral item slot is a really good solution to the issue of neutral items 6 slotting heroes at the 20 minute mark. I'm still not sold on the concept but it shouldn't feel broken anymore.

                  The outposts though, having the ability to TP to the opponents jungle seems broken, I can't see that lasting.


                    Gpm talents were always worse so that "extra item" point feels invalid.


                      This patch looks really good tbh .

                      < blank >

                        no more 12 slotted lone druid

                        Yami Yugi

                          no more 12 slotted lone druid

                          Best comment above.

                          Yes, he is back into meta recently after years of irrelevance, back with too much anger maybe, he should calmed down now :)


                            Hm nice ;)


                              They hate my Snapfire so much they gave his 4 damage to Jugg. Now his items mango and maelstrom are nerfed. Best of all supports can only have one neutral item so they fall off late game.


                                I wilL jUngLe for 10 mINutEs bEcauSE GPM TaLENt iS ReMoVED.


                                  I really hate the new item slot because you can't set the active key based on what the item does. Side shops need to come back, the outpost were a dumb idea.

                                  MkbX.NW.Da Kyung

                                    nice no more GPM talents

                                    Von Darkmoor

                                      "Also, have fun playing starved support with PA, SS, Clinkz, etc hunting you like crazy"

                                      THIS +9001

                                      Also neutral items was proberly the worst thing that happend to this game since TI5.... All the jackasses missed was fucking QUESTS in the jungle ......... Fucking PVE cores!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      BOBO WORLD

                                        Ded game


                                          k, it was good.

                                          Little pony

                                            The neutral item idea is very good. But as players get used to the new mechanics, their MMR can drop significantly. But you can order a mmr boost from professionals