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    Ah great article. I wish my morphling could see how to not getting killed while still farming for ethereal blade 30 minute straight

    for the win (lose)

      @ashley lancheste. jajaja


        i love taking advice from a sub 50% winrate legend player krappa


          nice article, dude. keep going! <3


            @ETdAWESOME this is why youre stuck in legend bracket. You can't take criticism and if anyone makes mistake you flame him and you blame their plays instead to focus on your mistakes.

            Pudge feeder

              @Ashley. Morph is basically just a walking creep in pubs.


                @Bambooni you realize I'm joking right? ROFL. I read the article, I'm trying to incorporate the knowledge it's trying to impart on my gameplay. Can't respond to Kowa so you gotta try for me huh? lul.


                  Did i flamed you like kowa does? In my sentence I see no blaming and flaming. Only what u might do on your pubs. And by the facts ure saying you're joking means you want to escape from the flame train.


                    Come @ me on the forums if you want fool


                      Nice article! Like itt


                        great article, keep it up

                        i farted (69)

                          kindergarden is active in the comment section lol


                            @ETdAWESOME just be immortal lool


                              Real nice article


                                @avtokrat to fair ur a visage spammer :v

                                LeB O N K

                                  Yes yes yes


                                    "or you know to be cautious because they’re probably doing something that they think will lead to better results than getting free creep kills and defending a tower."
                                    Not in my bracket, where farming jungle next to tower > defending tower and farming lane XD


                                      excelente post


                                        Puto el que lee


                                          Can I ask who drew the picture, it's fricking amazing

                                          Harry Potter

                                            ^ Image source is linked below the image


                                              Map is outdated LUL
                                              And this "dead lane" shit is just a silly thing to say, there is no dead lane in dota.


                                                Anyone else remembers when the Rosh pit used to be at the bottom?
                                                Great times.

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