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      First to spell first


        Add Mirana to the list


          i mean im pretty sure that icefrog didnt even test LS not even for a single game after 7.23 patch, honestly what are these shit reworks, and in 7.27b case i can tell almost no hero required an urgent rework not as much as LS required (and he didnt get ANY), the hero doesnt need a buff, it needs another big rework affecting his Feast, and Rage not to mention how badly his other skills are affected throughout these patchs, i had countless games with LS after 7.23 that i was getting out carried by pos 3 Bounty Hunter, it's so stupid that no matter what i build on my hero no matter how do we fight around my skills and items , we still end up losing fights, honestly what is this shit?? LS is weak AF and they rework BH and BS, based one what logic, just look at the winrates, they explain so much more...

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            LS was too op in the "STR" meta.. its too weak now.. that hero is a nightmare to balance

            1OO more wins

              Heroes that build anything means: you need to build all the items the team doesn't want to.


                Bloodseeker is another example of a hero with no set build because his new ability is so bad the game insta concedes as soon you as load in while playing him.

                Не баньте Чена

                  Earth spirit is glld hero without set build. He can buy discord, glimmer, euls, necronomicon, greaves, meteor, vessel, orchid, pipe, crimson, solar, there is no bad item, he can even buy skadi. Its all up to you and game situation



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