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Jenova Witness



      This is out of date with the new patch, surge now acts like haste which is a massive nerf and won't get picked much

      SUMO SAN



          today I saw him in 4 games rank immortal, and vs am is gg

          Black Jesus

            I was Archon 1 last month and had been stuck there for the better part of the year. Now I am Archon 5, all thanks to spamming Dark Seer. I went up 500 mmr in less than 2 weeks.

            Even with the surge nerf, I am very effective with him, winning 3/4 of my games. Before this nerf, I was winning 4/5 of my games with him. So the climb is very much still happening. I hope to get into Legend today. Haven't seen the Legend rank since 2018!

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            IG : ladyboykant

              most useless hero in dota, this shit hero should be delete

              tubalhao asa cino

                Dark Seer is my favorite hero.
                I came back to Dota 1 month ago, and i can tell that feels good to play as offlaner with D.S, his kit is very safe and ion shell helps a lot on getting farm and xp without exposing you. Besides that, feels amazing when u hit a 5 player vacuum with wall of replica on team fights and change the game.
                He's very consistent and scales very well with long games, great hero to new players but i'm kinda gladly he's not popular, it's annoying to play against him, but very good when u are with him.

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