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      agree with the splitpushing one, its still very underutilized in pubs. the meta is still too fast imo, it supposed to be dota and the devs want it to be heroes of the storm brawl mode or something. theres almost never comebacks unless one team throws hard


        I have two big questions after reading this.

        1.) "they know exactly what kind of threat each enemy hero represents and have a list of priorities for every fight, instead of just attacking and bursting the closest target... You need to learn to do the same." How can we improve at this, at recognizing what you need to do in a given situation? How can we read a situation and understand whether it's Terrorblade pulling their teamfighting weight, or if it's, say, their storm spirit who's consistently diving the backline? Even if the terrorblade's the bigger priority, is it still worth going for him with storm in the position he consistently puts himself in? Or to use the same example as in the article, what if Oracle's enabling of terrorblade is what's actually allowing him to carry the teamfight? How do we figure these kinds of things out? it feels like it's just some intuition that you can only gain from experience and mental application, but if there's a consistent, training-friendly alternative, I'd love to hear it.

        2.) "The enemy team is five-man pushing your Tier Two? If you understand you can’t fight them — Do Not." I agree that this is correct, but where does the line get drawn where you NEED to take a bad fight? a t2's obviously not important enough, but what if they see that your team is spread out over the map and decide to continue their push into the t3, where (in this scenario) they'll still have a significant advantage even when factoring in that they're pushing highground? Do you sacrifice the t3, maybe even the rax(es), as well? the line obviously gets drawn when they start targeting your ancient, but how much farther out does that line go?


          Idk if you can reply to someone but this is for Talenheim
          1. I think watching pro matches can help. Their drafts usually make sense and are built with and around win conditions. Sometimes, the casters may basically break down what they have to do to win (the game or the fight) but there is a big part of subtle decisions that would take a lot of time to explain and that you have to figure out. It's not easy in the beginning but you get used to it. And also remind yourself that there isn't always one good choice and one bad choice : sometimes they are both wrong and sometimes both right.
          2.If you "need" to take a bad fight, or you're too far behind in the game and you might not win this one, or your team doesn't have the tools to defend your tower and the issue there was the draft. You might have picked completely stupi heroes or their strength isn't in teamfights

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            Yeah but have you tried blink dagger Pos 3 ET

            Man Blanket

              Talenheim I think the number of factors that play into a given situation is too astounding for any single answer and you're right about, "intuition" being your strongest asset to recognizing opportunity. Pros build all this based on shared experience. They communicate but they're also on the same page by virtue of attrition. There only seems to be one way of gaining good game sense, good practice. If you thinking about the game tactically and try to recognize these opportunities then eventually you'll get better at it. Watch your own replays, especially your losses, and try to figure out what you could have done to win the game. That's why I respect Kawaiisocks's analysis so much, the guy thinks about the game at an incredibly high level which I think in a tactical game like dota carries more impact than a number. There's no panacea my dude, game is hard.


                What would you guys say is the most surefire way to defensive farm after losing the early game?


                  @KawaiiSocks. Who can I reach out to be on the blog writing team for dotabuff? I've reached out to Elo Entertainment haven't gotten a reply I thought it would be easier to speak with you directly.


                    Snow why do you think you would be qualified to be a writer for dotabuff?


                      Strong counterpoint to the split pushing option is that in pubs, getting 5 people to just stick together and fight is a lot simpler than doing a 3-1-1 properly. While in theory, split pushing is the correct play, the difficulty of execution usually means that if you do it, the big group will get caught mid and die, and then you lose the game.

                      It's why teamfight and early push heroes are disproportionately good in pubs. It's easier to get 5 monkeys to "group up and run at them" than anything else, and coordinating anything more complex with people you might not even speak the same language as is unlikely to work.

                      An organized team can definitely follow a lot of the advice in this post, but there is a "complexity" element that is being ignored.

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