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    Gawd I hope you're wrong about Brood making a comeback... I hate that hero... so hard to deal with a good brood player in the "zero communication, total chaos" environment of solo queue.

    Will be interesting to see if Tiny makes a comeback to mid, feels like years since i've seen tiny mid.

    Random off-topic question:
    Has Dotabuff ever done a "how to" guide to Turbo mode before?

    I know a lot of people who only play turbo mode (I play 90% Turbo) and it would be quite interesting to see your guys' take on how one needs to adapt in terms of hero picks and playstyles etc.

    Just a thought.

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      I thought Grim and Viper would be mentioned, as well as Sand King.

      Templar is quite useless now, especially with a barrage of damage over time spells from aghs and shard. Tiny is quite bad still, easy to harass and requires a very good babysitter in lane. As for Axemaster, he got those nerfs he deserved, but is in a very weird spot and probably more suited for pos 3 or 4.


        Beastmaster was still much stronger when he could build both aghs and necrobook. Now, he only has flying axes which most pple do not know how to use well. You actually need to be close to yr opponent in order to cast those axes in rapid succession, which requires a lot of skill to pull off.


          Beastmaster agh nerf is a lie tho, he still broken


            You forgot techis/enchantres secret meta


              0 talk about what I believe are the real powerhouses of the mid meta right now: Lane dominators.


              Gankers have a much harder time applying early pressure than they did in 7.28 and prior. Bottle feels good now, but the heroes that traditionally bought it aren't in the best place outside of maybe Storm Spirit. Playing Puck or Void Spirit like I did last patch, I don't feel like I have as much weight to throw around. I'd much rather just sit mid and take towers while the enemy has to commit more time and resources than they used to gank side lanes. If you can't gank until 6 minutes and you have no lane, what do you do mid?

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              Billy the Kid


                The damage nerf to beastmaster aghs in teamfights and in taking rosh is negligibe, but it did nerf his insane farming speed at least. Still too good of a hero for anyone that knows how to micro the boar


                  tiny two shots combo kill go brrr


                    If I see brood come back into meta Im going to lose my mind. there is nothing you can do to deal with her if you are facing a good brood player.

                    Maurice sapeeeeee...........

                      EG vs UNDYING - DPC 2021 North America - SPRING LEAGUE BTS DOTA 2


                        Y Huskar? Está roto definitivamente.

                        Throw mode : off

                          @dreadnought325 yea, legend 3 opinion for sure.