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    Bro y u griefing my pubs with this veno suggestion smh I have no clue how this -1 hero even has above 20% winrate, it feels like everytime he's on your team it's insta loss


      Veno is quite good. Main advantage is his laning stage. Pair with fighting offlane hero and trade with support then with core. Duo to fact that veno is universal 5 braches, tango and q is everything to outtrade most of support/heros. After bulling out enemy pos 1 just sit in enemy jungle stealing creeps. Is it a grief? Probably. Wards give you vision so there is small chance that they will gank you. You can use TP to defend towers and after that back to creating space by using twin gates. his play style is similar to brood but you can playing veno as 4 (pos 5 isn't best for veno). Get ags and blink, wait for fight, jump, press two buttons, watch enemy melt. Enjoy, you just make their day worse.
      Where Nyx?


        I feel like primal is being slept on, this hero can be pretty bonkers on the right games

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          El Dictador

            Yesterday I played my first game with Veno after years. The hero feels very strong in line, the fact that he is universal means that with stats he has a lot of damage and resistance. drums ? and with very little he is creating plays. The Slow in this patch is insane and venom is that, it gives you vision with snakes and the best thing is that you don't even need a dagger or force or shadow to put an ulti, it is not necessary to commit, just be well positioned.

            He can easily play any role. Diffu + manta + Skady? LOL. It even benefits from magic builds and auras.

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            Hero test. Victory is not...

              Do you think you can close with gold gap talking about pos. 4 Spirit Breaker overall please? Item-ization, playstyle. He received a lot of buffs on the 7.33, 7.33b and 7.33c Patches!!!
              I think Saksa from Tundra stole OG Aramis's SB on their first two encounters, and used the hero against Entity with good results. :P

              El Dictador

                I have been spamming Spirit Breaker with good results in my middle playing it off, I don't think it is position 4, I think it is core mid or off and my interpretation of why.

                The Slow in the meta is very strong, Venom, Vipers, diffus, Warlock, etc. Off with control, atos. A scepter is NOT enough to have an impact, SB needs items, BKB, Shadow blade and stats resistance.

                The strategy that I use off is to farm my line, but being the one who rotates, if you look at my last games with the hero, the dotabuff system takes me as "Roaming". This benefits support 4 who are ambitious and can carry auras, or more static and low mobility heroes. It is not the same that an off is only 2 vs 1 than a Support, in those rotations. I don't know if it is a valid strategy for the professional game, but I have played with Chen and Enchant and they benefit a lot from those rotations and not having to move with their units and it applies to pubs for 4 static supports that love to just harass the HC or Pulse.
                The first also allows you to recover quickly, and an off farming or opening space is not the same as a support in more advanced stages of the game.

                For me Spirit Breaker is Core.


                  With the right items veno's ult does a ridiculous amount of single hero damage, but as a support getting them is unlikely. My current go to support (low level crusader) is ogre magi. Tanky, ignite is a nightmare for squishy supports, one low cd stun with the option of another if you get aghs and then the item that makes most sense on your team, sheep stick, dagon, linkens. Higher level games he might not be viable, but low level dota he's hard to beat. Does a lot of damage and takes a lot to kill.


                    Clinkz support ultimate top tier damage support.