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    "With the exception of PA, all of them are stronger than Juggernaut at every stage of the game."

    Not FV during the laning stage.

    Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno

      As Ember player it's actually painful to see him being nerfed every single patch for no obvious reasons since 7.30

      One Fourth of a Concubine

        "There are some obvious candidates, like Pudge Pudge, but at this point we gave up on trying to dissuade our readers from playing him"
        fair enough


          Snapfire comboes pretty well with Axe or LC.

          Mediocrity in its purest ...

            No idea why they nerfed ember spirit.

            Clare. King of Wednesday

              I thought these were based on winrates? Treant has a decent-great winrate in every skill bracket right now why would you not want to pick him?

              No Forgiveness

                Terrorblade. No one cares if meta on cooldown and your team go feed when you can't be in fight


                  Void may be weaker in lane, but at level 6 he's almost always a guaranteed kill on an enemy core. That's where he mentions being outfarmed by both flash farmers or tempo setters. Void is completely capable of setting early tempo into objectives even without much damage output.

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                    Ember Spirit was a smurfer's hero. I lost track of how many times our team got destroyed by a 0 death ember.


                      I'd pick brood here

                      3/5 gameplay 5/5 attitude

                        @Clickoed who mentioned Treant as a bad pick?


                          Dazzle. Dazzle is a hero which instaloses the lane and thus the game.


                            this author is incompetent


                              If you just use Maelstrom instead of Battlefury Jugg is still able to keep up with the farm and do terrifying things. The Build Order is this. Just Boots of Speed for 500 then Maelstorm, Phase Boots, Basher, Shard and he goes OP.

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                                just boots and maelstrom makes jug op? crusader logic


                                  when were you when jugg was kil?


                                    Or u can pick whoever you want and make it work as long as you're putting the effort in


                                      Juggernaut is the only hero that i can play and win with certainty, `cause it`s laning ability higher than PA and FV. They too weak if you don`t have support who knows how to actually harass and engage enemy in time, most of 5-pos supps in my 2k either pull lane with no particular benefit or just choose bad positions and die too much. Jugg is best with this guys `cause you just CAN SURVIVE to get items with decent timings

                                      Ryo Yamada

                                        Totally agree.


                                          Nah. In pubs none of this matter. If you're good on Ember this hero is a definition of solo climbing. Same for Rubick, he is ridiculously overbuffed compared to what this hero was 2-3 years ago. You definitely can climb with them.


                                            Ember needed nerfs because he's been in the top 5 most-picked heroes in 7k+ pubs for the last few years with a solid win rate. A good ember is obnoxious to play against, and either you were playing it or played against it every other game. It wasn't healthy for the high-ranked ecosystem. Even now at a 45% winrate, people still refuse not to play him.


                                              This post just smells like pure shit (im 7k mmr you can check profile)

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