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    <<< Best old school Dota2 player that ever lived

    And the only reason some of you got a first comment before me in the past posts, is because i couldnt sign in to steam, so please, give up


      <<< Most consistent old school Dotabuff reader

      5th or Feed.hiramarchibald

        7.34d left Warlock too strong, esp. upheaval; I predict he'll be super contested and/or successful. Likewise Primal's STR/HP gain and the damage by Trample, making Primal a TI go-to.

        Tiny Airlines

          Hopefully the end of Nature Prophet and Sand King because my god (especially SK) they keep getting buffed for NO reason. Do these developers drink 30 packs of bud ice or something while balancing the game?


            I'd pick brood here

            5th or Feed.hiramarchibald

              with so many SA teams in the bottom of their group, seems like less affirmative action slots for SA and more merit-based slots are in order


                And still no Africa region...