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Salmo 27:3

    Con la victoria de Nouns no me cabe duda que esa decisión de pickear CK hizo mucha diferencia.


      I don't know what they will do about Blade Mail... It is like the item of the TI at the moment and it is being built on pretty much any hero. In the past items that get widespread use like this are removed from the game, but there are several heroes in the game that rely on this damage quite a lot like Axe, Legion Commander etc. And if Blade Mail is nerfed (which it will be) it will make life on the offlane that much harder. Timings will be later and impact will be lessened and safelane carrys will get online quicker than before. Heart of Tarrasque will probably go up in price too as a result of TI too, but as a quite expensive item already, I don't see it getting too many changes. Maybe a slight nerf on the regen-rate or total health provided or just a few hundred gold price up-tick. I am worried about the offlane core item more.

      And Midas, there were like 7-8 midases in some of those games. Something needs to be done about it too. Maybe even more price for it? To make it less viable to the average 40 minute game.

      The teams are tinkering at this moment, they are looking at the numbers and seeing what they can do about AA, CK etc. It will be interesting to see how the meta will shift during this time. Some teams will probably come in with "road to TI" meta and some will try to beat that meta, but does certainly look like heroes with long cooldowns are not too hot at the moment. Heroes relying too much on those long CD ulties just aren't making a comeback. Illusion and summon heroes are looking too strong too... Several teams have been high ground sieging with only summons and illusions and taking rax with enough of them and not putting their actual heroes in danger. There will be changes for this coming after the TI. It is just too much at the moment... Heroes cannot deal with the illusions very well or the Warlock golems.

      I have enjoyed the matches quite well, hoped for other results here and there, but the overall game has been quite nice. It is always interesting to see how things seep into my shit tier games... And they already have to some extent. Excited to see how things go when the games resume.


        To nerf midas, just make it unreliable gold. Then it becomes a "high risk, high reward" item.

        Currently I can die while midas is on cooldown and not lose gold coz reliable gold is not lost on death.


          ^ I didn't even know it was changed to reliable gold or when it happened, I always remembered it as unreliable gold... You're right, they should definitely change it back to unreliable.

          12 ignored heroes so far: Abaddon, DK, Leshrac, Lion, Magnus, Meepo, PL, Rasta, Slardar, Timbersaw, Tinker, Wyvern. Really hoping that Bulba allows Abed to unleash his Meepo at least once.


            Серьезно? Рейт Skymage выше Phoenix?

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              ^феникс ваще сосёт бибу мужик, герой тупо слишком жадный для того чтобы выигрывать


                @mllcg midas has been unreliable gold for over three years


                  I'd pick brood here


                    More DK buffs pls.