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Question for JDF8/Cookie on draft in General Discussion

    When you play ranked, how early do you pick?

    Do you wait for the rehabs on your team to pick first, or do you lock a role and go with that?


      it's dependent on the hero, position of that hero, how comfortable are you with that hero.

      heroes that are easily countered get picked later

      smaller numbers of positions get picked later

      the less comfortable you are with a hero the later you pick it.

      also, the lower the mmr the more likely i'm to force my role, obviously i'm not stupid enough to take a role from really high players like 8k++, with exceptions.


        @Cookie when you have played with 8k players ? you are 6k,not 7k.

        carry water

          I pick late as mid and 1/2 as support

          If they show their mid I will pick arc, but not tinker (no clockwerk ty). I basically save tinker for 8-10 pick

          Idc if I 1-3 pick offlane either, especially because a lot of offlanes can be roamers too

          If I’m in a high avg game I just instalock some braindead shit like bara

          carry water

            In low avg ur teammates will highlight 3 cores and 2 blank players, then everyone will lose 30 gold. In this case idc first picking arc warden because I know they suck

            Rubick Fanboy

              i usually ask someone to pick first
              people in 2k are a bit too obsessed with countering people sometimes
              its either 3 people on the enemy team counter pick u or they pick people u counter after u pick it

              ill pick 2nd round if i have to but usually i try to pick last round

              Smile Protector

                first pick jungle gg


                  First pick mid is the best

                  carry water

                    im pretty sure i have a 90% winrate against first pick invoker/sf


                      I first picked invoker every game back when i spammed him :v


                        i ALWAYS first pick riki, when i pick riki :)
                        my preference is that spirit breaker would be banned, and if he doesnt, then i usually just roam instead of going offlane.

                        carry water


                            always first pick your pos 5 if possible


                              thanks for asking m8. i first pick carry no matter what. Sea4lyfe


                                @. boi every 4-5 games you get 7-9k players

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                                  is JD or cuki better at arc?

                                  carry water


                                    protein shake

                                      ^^he got 20 games with arc at 28% winrate..cookie > maybe


                                        Good read,interesting thanks

                                        carry water

                                          ^^he got 20 games with arc at 28% winrate..cookie > maybe


                                            who the fuck cares, mastering a hero is a really small part of gameplay, and besides it does have a limit.

                                            my arc warden mastery could be on the same level as a 4k player, but my everything else makes me 6k.

                                            i'd assume that both me and jdf8 have mastered arc.

                                            carry water

                                              I would give cookie a big edge because he has double the experience and higher winrate/kda

                                              A lot of my stats are inflated from low 5k/high 4K games as well


                                                just curious, how would you guys define mastering a hero. And not like oh you must be 5k to master a hero but for like the average 2k-3k player what would mastering a hero look like.