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Thomas Sowell

    Do you think Kaya will build into items with Yasha and Sange to make good stat items for int/str or int/agi? Also do you think all 3 will be able to be combined into 1 big item ever?


      Tiny could use any of them I guess

      carry water

        Maybe kaya can combine with another kaya to form kaya & kaya, which I can buy on tinker for 20% spell amp

        Rubick Fanboy

          Yes it will
          It'll be good
          On gyro, viper, tiny, sf


            i think it could happen in future, we may see three sword style soon.

            envie de pleurer

              jdf shud jst make comedy peformance based on dota


                kaya should combine with veil to give minus magic resistance


                  I'm pretty sure we'll see S&K and K&Y in the next large patch. I'm honestly kinda surprised they didn't add it this patch. The three swords might take a bit longer to come out but I'm pretty sure it will arrive eventually.

                  Rubick Fanboy

                    And SnKnY

                    And also a Kaya upgrade akin to manta and halberd


                      kaya + maelstrom would be a dream come true


                        ahh yes, can't wait for KYS to be a thing.


                          I remember a custom game has that 3-swords items. Its called Trivatum if i not wrong


                            this kind of tri sword upgrade exists in many custum games already, probably gonna happen in a few months

                            Smile Protector

                              It's called Triumvirate and gives insane stats.

                              I hope real dota's version of triumvirate doesn't just straight up suck.


                                Isnt kaya a staff?

                                The staff of a renowned sorceress, lost for countless millennia.

                                Smile Protector

                                  Isn't ogre club an axe?

                                  Oh but it ain't ogre club no more. Now it is "Ogre Axe".

                                  Well it is a staff but even the icon kinda looks like a sword. Let's call it the int sword since valve is fucking up their own conventions anyways.


                                    aghs is made of an orb, an axe, a sword and a staff.
                                    i dont see a reason to not make 3 swords out of 2 swords and a staff

                                    jungling is not a viable ...

                                      Kaya+???=caster thingy

                                      Any Ideas? Methinks aether


                                        Yasha builds into Manta.
                                        Sange builds into Halberd.
                                        Kaya should build into something.

                                        Yasha+Sange+Kaya seems like a valid Skadi buildup, except you'd have to change what Skadi gives a bit.
                                        Or KYS (lul) could be a Skadi alternative-like item.

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                                          aether+kaya sounds good, like an upgraded version of old aether
                                          alot of casters would like both items right now, thats 2 slots for cheep stuff tho. i see tinker players buying both of them after blink. build them into a 5k gold item with a 500-1kgold recipe sounds good to me in theory


                                            Maybe build kaya into something that can give unlimited cast range, like hurricane pike, but for spellcasters?

                                            Wiro Sableng

                                              lol kaya + sange + yasha = dawnbringer from hon

                                              Rubick Fanboy

                                                If Kaya plus aether is a thing, which to me sounds good, it needs an active

                                                Smile Protector

                                                  It would be cool if kaya + aether created an item that acts like the pugna ward, but is cast on one person and has a duration and all.

                                                  Imagine that shit. You build kaya + aether, when that skywrath is rampaging through your team, suddenly you throw that shit onto him and he kills himself with his own mana usage.

                                                  Rubick Fanboy

                                                    I like the idea of smth that maybe has a bloodrage type thing in that it gives u huge magic amp but make amps u up against magic

                                                    jungling is not a viable ...

                                                      KYS (lol) is gonna be a 6.3k gold item. What hero could build this? Will it even be a thing? Because its gonna be an all around item thats gonna be a little more expensive than skadi, but with passives like maim, ms and spell amp. I cant even think of a hero who will get this unless theyre full slotted or something and they have the conponents already. Maybe Tiny? Gyro? If it follows the sny trend it wont be giving an active. Its like a more expensive skadi kinda. I wonder why they didnt add it this patch tho

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                                                      Rubick Fanboy

                                                        ^gyro, viper, sf, but it rlly depends

                                                        RIP of Aquila

                                                          Skadi + this KYS = ultimate Medusa item?

                                                          jungling is not a viable ...

                                                            ^most baller item in dota more than 10 k gold horyshet