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General DiscussionQ: How many MMR/Wins do i need to achieve 1star in every Medal

Q: How many MMR/Wins do i need to achieve 1star in every Medal in General Discussion

    Anyone knows the computation ?
    How many mmr/ wins do i need to raise into 1star . For example Legend 1star


      150 mmr


        It means you need to win 6x


          What you saying here that

          Crusader: 1600+ MMR
          Archon: 2500+ MMR
          Legend: 3400+ MMR
          Ancient: 4300+ MMR
          Devine: 5200+ MMR


            nah divine is flat 5k

            Pretty Boi

              I think 100 or 150, im sitting on ancient 2 4.5k mmr


                Legend 5 4100 MMR.

                So the ~150/star theory makes sense.


                  What's the maximum calibration for new account ..??


                    You need 140 MMR for a star



                      best tinker player

                        Do you actually lose a star? I lose 300 mmr still my medal is the same

                        Mit hold er ballademagere

                          YouLo$t your medal will stay at the peak of your mmr, which means that if you lost 300 mmr it will affect your matchmaking but not your medal.


                            you cant lose a star or medal, it will always show your peak.

                            Calibrated Archon 5 with 3.257 MMR (was around 3.250 before), then got Legend 0 with 3.353 MMR (96 difference) and just reached Legend 1 with 3.449 MMR (96 difference again).

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                            best tinker player

                              I thought i get match with same medal. Previously i only get matched with around 4-4.2k ave and always vhs.
                              Now I play with legends 0 to ancient 0 fluctuating my bracket from vhs and hs.


                                you get matched with same mmr, not medal.

                                casual mate

                                  U can look at ur mmr at the stat.
                                  And, ur medal will not drop but mmr will. So, if you r at Divine 5, you can hv the mmr of a herald.


                                    Hi, i just ranked directly to archon [5] from archon [3].. how is this possible?


                                      I got to Ancient 1, now im 4198 and lost the star so yes you can lose a star when you go down 1 rank i guess.


                                        @zoY I just got Archon[3] straight from Archon[0]. I must have gone 5-15 after placements so I am not sure what's going on???


                                          i got legend 3 , but im in 2947. how's possible ?


                                            It's not possible


                                              well its true. how can i show mmr on profile dotabuff?


                                                I just lost a medal. I was ancient with two stars, now I won a game and I got a new medal - Legend Five stars, I mean I did lose a lot in the meantime, but I thought ancient should have remained til the new season has kicked in, no? I mean I dont care but gurls dig Ancient bois more than legendary, thats the problem

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                                                Nobody Cares.

                                                  jacked the medal take one of ur best mmr and this legend 3 is ur party mmr

                                                  Jack Attack

                                                    I went from archon 3 to legend 4 in a single match win.


                                                      when calibrated i had 2k mmr and got crusader 2 , today i have 1700mmr and just got promoted to archon 1 so the theories written above mite not be to accurate

                                                      "Legend [1]"

                                                        I'm previous 2200-2400 mmr. When new patch kicked in, i got to crusader 4, yesterday i got promoted to crusader 5 (mmr about 2300) and today i got promoted straight from crusader 5 to archon 5 (now mmr 2313). So i have really no clue how the ranking system works. I had to even restart dota to check if its just bugginng.

                                                        Raging Tomato

                                                          Well same happened to me when i was in legend 5 my MMR is 4175 then I lost 1 game so it is now 4150 still legend 5 , after the another game I won so my MMR get back in to 4175 with Ancient 0. I dont believe that you need 140, 150 or even 180 to be promoted. BTW I calibrated in legend 4 with 3975 and I get my legend 5 in 4024.


                                                            well i calibrated my party mmr first, it was around 2500 with archon[0], then i calibrate my solo which was around 3950 with legend[4] , then I won a few party games (just party game, no solo) afterward and my medal upgraded to legend[5]... does this means winning party game also upgrade the medal even if your party mmr is much lower than solo?

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                                                              Here i am dumped to Legend 0


                                                                i got 8 wins + and nothing happened!!!


                                                                  how can i see my mmr right now??dotabuf????


                                                                    Yesterday ..
                                                                    I was Guardian O i lost 2 in a row, then 1 one. Upgraded to Guardian 4..

                                                                    Ah Chong

                                                                      Won multiple of games still stuck at guardian 5.


                                                                        Fuck dotes


                                                                          Just got Legend 5 with 4029, and other acc is Ancient 2 at 4597.

                                                                          RIP Chester Bennington <3

                                                                            That is not true. I had 7 wins in a row and I didnt get any star. TBH my record since 05/12/2017 is 28 wins 16 losses - no single star achieved! fuck idiot Gaben


                                                                              I got legend 5 with 3700


                                                                                Party MMR affects medals too.

                                                                                DEFAULT PUDGE IS GOOD

                                                                                  This system is fucked up cuz on my smurf Id I calibrated at 3.4k got archon 5 then I lost lot of mmr and it went to 3k and after playing a single match I went legend 0 at 3035


                                                                                    Divine 0 at 4950mmr

                                                                                    The Crystal Maid

                                                                                      All nonsense win games gain MMR else sit in the trench .