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General DiscussionWho do you ban in your ranked games?

Who do you ban in your ranked games? in General Discussion

    State your MMR tier/Medal and why do you ban them?

    1. AM
    2. Invoker
    3. Nyx

    They heavily counter my core picks: Spec, Medusa, WK

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      Is mmr still a thing?
      Archon uncalibrate
      1.night stalker

      Mans Not Hot

        well i dont ban anything actually. coz simply i dont belive with something called counter, coz if u good with ur hero u can surpass ur enemy. like even meepo can defeat es, enigma, tide that bound in the same team.


          Meepo or Tinker


          Let Me Commit Suicide

            Legend 5




              techies, almost always. makes games last longer. i dont mind loosing to uncountered lastpicks, but to being unable to siege highground because of that bullshit hero :)

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              Kishō Arima

                A good meepo is really hard to fight against especially if you got caught off guard (Enemy last picking meepo and you got no counters)

                mechanical feel kb

                  Ban techies

                  All the time


                    legend 5

                    almost always slark, because a slark winning frustrates me to no end

                    otherwise tinker bc prolonging games


                      I rarely ban cause lazy as fuck


                      I WUV YOU SHO MUCH ❤

                        Ban AM and Invoker too because I'm sick of them


                          Invoker cuz always miracle on the other team and trash afk on mine

                          Take Me Away

                            Ancient 5
                            I dont ban heros cuz nothing counters ench in low mmr.


                              Legend 3 on that one
                              Legion Commander, almost always

                              Tilting to play against, tilting to play with. Annoying as fuck.

                              Bad Intentions



                                They are the only one who can stop me.



                                  tom hunting = peak human

                                    I ban beastmaster, omniknight and spirit breaker in that order. If any of them is a bonus hero i will prioritize that hero.




                                        crusader 4 invoker or pudge because everyone wants to play them and it just never works out in your favor

                                        tinker or dp because they counter my fallback hero of viper in lane and make it hard to get going.



                                          1. AM. either he is completely useless or my team cant deal with splitpush at all
                                          2. invoker. full with 30% first pick invokers
                                          3. nyx. mana boots into dagon 5 is apparently the go-to build in my mmr. always a gg if in your team




                                            Koer the dog

                                              CLOCKWERK TO PLAY TINKER IN PEACE

                                              Working on my pma

                                                Axe, tinker, CK.


                                                  Legend 5 or 4.1k

                                                  I ban

                                                  1) AM: hero is very strong and very hard to deal with if they enemy supports him properly.
                                                  2) Invoker : Dat hero is just so strong once the mid game rolls around. the number of spells that he is able to throw out in a 12 second team fight is crazy.
                                                  3) Tinker, Just gross, disgusting hero. Gets his farm always and makes highground sieges near impossible with march. Now that KAYA item is just plain silly on him.

                                                  Special mention to techies, I will always ban him in my morning game before work. I get about 1 hr to play and most games only last 35-45 mins so It means I get a game in before work without being late. Enter TECHIES and well i've been late before.

                                                  Thank goodness my work is flexible and I just have to stay a bit later so its no problem, but screw techies.

                                                  IF those above heros are banned or my teammate REALLY REALLY wants one of those heros, I will ban whichever role I am about to play

                                                  Offlane ( i want to pick pitlord so I ban jugg or ursa) for example.


                                                    1. CK
                                                    2. Anti Mage


                                                      Legend 1
                                                      Weaver coz hate playing against weaver as pudge.

                                                      Prizm [MuteAllChat]

                                                        I only ban medusa or nyx. My WK can't outfight medusa super late game :C. Tried a lot of times.


                                                          ^ can you play WK against AM/Invo?

                                                          Rektdalf the White

                                                            AM - my teammates almost always dont have a clue how to play against him, or in my team have no impact whatsoever
                                                            Weaver - i just cant stand playing against this hero

                                                            Prizm [MuteAllChat]

                                                              LOL. I first pick. Thus, I usually play versus at least 2+ mana burns. KOTL, Lion, Nyx, PL, AM, Invoker, diffus weaver etc. The best counter to WK would be CK. But no ones plays on CK. Good CKs rekt me hard.

                                                              AM is almost always a free win for me if my team has a decent pick. PL, Invoker are harder to counter but after level 20 they aren't the problem. However, WK is really pick/teamplay dependant. If my team doesn't have proper lockdowns or got bad teamfight I usually lose. WK can't farm, can't split push. He has to go with the team and take towers. However, I still can win 60+ games on WK when I get my 6 slots because this hero is brutal tbh.


                                                                Divine 5 - rank 2500ish eu

                                                                1. Meepo - Good meepo's can 1v5 in this bracket
                                                                2. Medusa - annoying hero, strong in lane, scales extremely well and can team fight
                                                                3.omniknight - another excellent example of an annoying hero which creats great pressure in lane and contributes to team fights really well

                                                                **THE MOST IMPORTANT BAN**
                                                                DARK WILLOW - fuck that shitty little fairly and her excellent damage, cc and scaling

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                                                                Positive Mentality

                                                                  3.1k archon 5

                                                                  pudge ofc to prevent my team to pick that hero


                                                                    I just ban my hero counters.

                                                                    junglers are cancer retards

                                                                      I ban LC or Blood to reduce the chance someone will jungle. This does not work


                                                                        I ban sven always. I don't even play Meepo much anymore, but I'd always want the back-alley opportunity, so I ban that massive counter-pick pain in my ass

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