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General DiscussionI know the game will be hard when i see:

I know the game will be hard when i see: in General Discussion
Let Me Commit Suicide

    -My Melee Carry Safe Lane do not have tango or Stout Shield
    -My safe lane carry is uncalibrated and going for 1st or 2nd pick
    -For some reason my team late pick carries that got countered in the first place
    -Medusa in enemy team
    -Enemy actually have pudge + pos 5 in their team

    Sure fucking lost when:
    -Jungle Carry in 2017 LUL
    -I have alchemist on my team

    feel free to share yours


      When 3 people mark midlane


        when 3 people mark mid but none of them want to quit it because of their ego


          When I pick sandking LUL

          Hamburger Turtle

            Jungling lc, life is hard

            mechanical feel kb

              When I have me on my team.

              tom hunting = peak human

                When the enemy team has the following 5 heroes:
                Faceless Void, Death Prophet, Doom, Sand King, Lich


                  uncalibrated players blegh


                    Then I check dotabuff and they’re like 7.4k but completely terrible??

                    ranked retirees :v


                      haters will say it’s because there is actually no such thing as a skilled na player

                      Friendly player

                        If someone picks jungle, even if you tell them to start doing something useful they still afk.

                        paNightmare mirror

                          Team with lack of contol skills;
                          Team without classic right-click carry;
                          Team with unpopular/hard heroes.


                            Team with lack of contol skills;

                            This is the only reason I don’t first pick Silencer lol


                              When my picks and lanes are like.

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                                Fucking Tinker in the enemy team

                                "hello guys! Let's win!11!!ONE1 :)" in the picking phase. Overly nice people on Dota act that way to either compensate the fact that they're trash or to hide their hysterical personality. They always bring worse news than OD

                                "mid or feed"


                                The support barely getting the courier and not even one ward, as if he made the team a favour by spending those 200 gold that will delay his brown boots into aghs

                                Invoke or SF in my team

                                Forgot the retards who start spamming "I will purchase > tangos" 97 fucking times when you haven't even spawned yet, in that case game will be hard 'cause Idk how I will handle my instinct to walk down mid instantly

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                                i cant win

                                  someone with a spanish name


                                    Jokes on you. My teammate first picks void safelane, and I second pick Luna. Contest his last hits for abit (fail because he starts with qb) go jungle Luna and win the game.

                                    No cour or support on our team and they have an actual support duo

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                                      When enemies using hard hero lul


                                        1. Invokers in my team. Most are trash.
                                        2. Slark in my team. The worst hero in Dota.
                                        3. 400gpms taking mid/carry.
                                        4. Junglers.
                                        5. Shits that "don't look on stats in the profile". Like that piece of shit Pudge who went fucking QB to fuck my safe lane farm as Nyx, coz "Nyx not a carry". Before that game I had nearly 700gpm avg in the profile. Of course according to this random 5k piece of shit he knows better the game than top350 player on the leaderboard (other account). Any player that is non-braindamaged would let 700 avg gpm guy to farm.
                                        6. Guys with anime stuff in an avatar.


                                          those guys who refuse to support, and would rather lose as jungle legion than support
                                          i dont support often, but if i have to i will


                                            When i see a different language besides english


                                              When they have riki and clinkz but we have no support

                                              Take Me Away

                                                Only Hard games are those where ench is banned or enemy 1St pick it.


                                                  Two or more previously muted players on my team.


                                                    when i try to communocate but their vocabulary only consists of "noob,gg,fail"
                                                    im glad most of them are gone after the update



                                                      if enemy he has about 80% chance for 1st hit bash
                                                      if teammate he will get alot of 5man chrono. with out entire team inside. and one enemy. enemy team will pick good void combos to earn rampage in that case


                                                        -when my team picks Antimage and farm 30-40 min
                                                        -when pudge marks mid :facepalm:

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                                                        Working on my pma

                                                          Pudge mid is great in your bracket what you mean lol^

                                                          Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

                                                            Pre-game: "Hey can I get mid // safelane carry // I will support!" text.
                                                            In-game, "abdulah aloha snackbar mohamed mohamed xaxaxa mierda rata recommendar jajaja" in voice chat.

                                                            Any time someone's username has Mexican, Peruvian, Russian (rare), or whatever that "aloha snackbar" garbage language is letters in their name.

                                                            You see your entire team has clicked on Terror Blade + Medusa + Spectre + Sniper + AM.

                                                            When people just go to a random lane, not realizing (or caring) different heroes and matchups are better in different lanes. You probably don't want AM+SF going offlane, CM and Rubick going safelane, then tide going mid.

                                                            When you've already picked your hero and gone into the secondary screen (with items n stuff on it), seeing it's your team's turn to pick, and everyone's losing 2 gold a sec.

                                                            When enemy has spirit breaker // lots of disables // heroes that synergies well // my team's like CM, Dazzle, Oracle, KOTL, and the fifth guy thinks he's playing mario kart not dota.

                                                            When everyone on my team thinks the best thing to do is take up all the farm, so the medusa/spectre/AM isn't able to farm efficiently. Other than Peruvians on my team, I think this triggers me the most. You see a CM who's got aghs/blink/BKB (not a single ward in sight, though), is off farming jungle and nova'ing creep waves.

                                                            99.54% of people who jungle. They either stay in the safelane for like 5 minutes because they just need some certain item before they're gonna jungle, or they jungle from the get go and never leave until 25+ min, or they rush midas or some non-early/mid game item (ie: radiance, butterfly, etc.).

                                                            👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

                                                              What's wrong with picking carries late? Isn't it generally better to focus on the supports picks early (unless planing a specific strat) since they dedicate the tempo of the game?

                                                              So if i am targeting support options early, the logical progress is to target the carries late, that would also allow you to draft the carry into a game which he can work well in

                                                              Kishō Arima

                                                                I KNOW THE GAME WILL BE HARD WHEN I SEE : A meepo spammer on the enemy team with 700GPM/XPM average

                                                                Lone Dog

                                                                  When two people mark mid and a third guy who hasn't marked any lane randoms a mid laner :thinking:

                                                                  Ninja Assassin

                                                                    Only and only when i have an AM on my team. F*K AM, please rework or remove that cancer hero.

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