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HELP what is the maximum mmr calibration in General Discussion

    I've been playing with divines lately, does that mean I will calibrate in divine?


      there are about 100 topics about that nonsense on the first 3 pages

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            Ur struggling in vhs and want to calibrate divine!?

            Omae wa mo shindeiru

              they said 3500 is the max like in my case i did win 9 games out of 10 with KDA 6.2 kda 470 gpm / and 660 xp / min i got exactly 3500 mmr :D i just played zues my i did like 70k-90k hearo damge in each match


                38% winrate in vhs, back to normal skill I guess 4Head

                Chika Dance was a mistake.

                  Just Monika.

                  P.R.N(as needed)

                    VeryHighSkill on my unranked matches... then when I played my first ranked match for calibration, I played with divine 2 , ancient 2 3 and 4. Unfortunately, after the game I did checked dotabuff for status and its only a highskill bracket. Is that really possible? How come? its divine and ancients on the game.

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                      @.... Hey bro, we're the same. My estimated mmr at was 5k. My first tbd match was all divine. After that match, the remaining 9 match was all Legend. After calibration i got 3.4 and a Legend. But after some few games, i went to Divine 2 but my mmr is 3.4, check my profile. High skill bracket but Divine 2

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                          Fucking wat happen. DIvine 2 den 3.4?

                          Mystery Blind

                            Look on my stats thia ia a new account. Do you guys thinking this is have a high mmr?

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                              max mmr after 10 calibration games is 3500. You will play your first calibration game in Very High Skill bracket with Divines etc.
                              But next game it will drop you to High Skill bracket no matter how did you play first game.


                                some rumors are around that 3.5 is not the cap anymore.


                                  some trolls are around that 3.5 is not the cap anymore.

                                  e o n

                                    @Bugged, I was at the same situation of yours, my first calibration was divine bracket and after all 9games was legend I dont know why you get a divine I played 77 matches and I was hoping that your comment was true but my medal still a legend, please reply me back I need your help


                                      Hey guys!
                             this is my dotabuff


                                        I've been playing with Ancient 1-5 lately, does that mean I will calibrate in Ancient? Please Answer my Question :D


                                          retard its 3.5k (legend) stop fcking asking!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111 if they changed it there will be POST/UPDATE ABOUT IT AND u are 39wr trash stfu

                                          CARRY till re-cali finish

                                            @Freaking! If this is your new account then 100% you can't calibrate as Ancient because of the max calibration now is 3.5

                                            Just 1 question. If any one knows please help me out. Is there any chance to change your rank this TI 2018? I mean I heard some people said that now the max calibration is 3.5. However if you rank is way higher than that (hidden mmr), purchase a TI compendium, play TI ranked, because the limit in TI ranked is higher, probably 4.9 is the max calibration? Will it be possibly applied this year TI? Thank you.

                                            GOD FUCKING BLESS

                                              My account has all vhs pages with57% win rate. Will I still calib at 3.5?

                                              get higher

                                                And no international rank rip smurfing


                                                  3.5k maximum :) Legend 3

                                                  j'en ai plus rien à foutre

                                                    Remember when Suma1l recalibrated his mmr when they changed the ranking system he calibrated like 6k so idk man


                                                      I calibrated at 3.5k max even though I won all 10 matches :(

                                                      I am Rubick

                                                        When I calibrated about a year ago, for the sake of having an solo mmr only, I calibrated about 3.8k. But I had 500 hours on dota before I decided to play rank games.


                                                          if it's first time calibrating.u'll get 3.5k at max,even if u get 25kda 1kgpm&xpm at calibration matches.

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                                                            its 3.5k max retards


                                                              is it really proven lately? or just a month ago?


                                                                Since last year

                                                                michael sassbender

                                                                  10000 mmr, only for a limited time, go make a new account quickly!!!!!