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    Has anybody tried it? Is it any good?


      30 sec cd could be strong af,gonna try


        1 yes
        2 no

        a sorry sarnt


          пидарас начуи 

            Honestly seems like a pos 3 or 4 item lmao


              slark is dogshit right now so no


                Yeah I kinda had the idea it might be a pos 4 or 5 Slark item, Slark is dogshit this patch, we gotta find some way to make him work xD

                ƒ⒳ = √xd³²²

                  Wow that's dope I didn't know he had that.

                  Yes, I can see that being a good item because stats are good for slark.

                  And lol @ people saying slark is "dogshit right now," he's only a bit worse than he used to be. :)


                    I don't have a proper win streak with Slark this patch, either its me or the hero, apparently aghs upgrade makes him cover his allies with ultimate, yet to see how that works



                      He is indeed only a lil bit worse than he used to be, but he was already dog shit last patch ^^

                      ƒ⒳ = √xd³²²

                        he's always been pretty shit vs good players and good players who pick right

                        but if you pick him well he's still about the same.


                          pangolier is the new slark imo


                            pretty much everyone would be good if they're picked in good situations

                            junglers are cancer retards

                              Dogshit item on dogshit hero, it triggers me everytime he’s picked first thinking hes gonna be hot shit like it’s five patches ago

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                              пидарас начуи 

                                If it were to give the healing as well you could play slark as a pos 3 with aghs and spirit vessel. All it does is hide them though so it's good for like 4 seconds then you're both dead.

                                Ashes (offlane)

                                  HI Matrice, how do you think slark should be improved this patch? Can it be played in offlane somehow in the current patch?


                                    That hero can't survive without two supports in lane bruh ^ never a good offlaner

                                    Potato Marshal

                                      It's trash, your allies don't even get the regen, so all you're doing is wasting 4200 gold and an item slot for a bit of extra stats and to halve your ultimate cooldown. Don't know what's taking so long for them to rework/replace all the shitty aghs like Kunkka and Riki.


                                        slark loses to offlaners solo why tf wud u think slark is even remotely viable in the offlane LMFAO

                                        Coach Steve

                                          the scepter is only worth in cases like: you are not the true pos1 and enemy has lc, then he duels and you can hide your true carry. Still like super situational.
                                          As a troll build maybe get rad, octo, agha -> around 25% of all time ult is on


                                            If it's the ultimate survival game I guess we can aghs octa xD


                                              i mean its good as an alch upgrade but not worth using a slot on your hero for.

                                              Got muted and trash allies

                                                i just read washed up daddy post and i cant belive this guy is so fucking stupid

                                                ur 1200 solo mmr palyer u max passive on slark stfu


                                                  @offlane ty
                                                  Atm, if slark can snowball, he's OP as fuck, if he doesn't, he's useless as fuck. And when people fight with a lot of item, he is somehow okeyish. The problem rely almost solely on his ultimate atm, (thx undispellable hex).

                                                  When he has lots of stuff, he is sooo cancer to play against, that you cann't really buff it. (or buff are to be solely on lvl 20/25 talents).
                                                  Imo main way to fix slark, is to remove the total undetactable part -basically old ult- (but still provide ms/reg even if detected during ult's activ) and then proceed to buff slark on things like agi/agi growth / base ms /spell damage ...

                                                  Such a changes would remove slark's broken concept, and allow him to leave the trash hero pool. Sadly, that would also mean that he'll start to stomp even harder than ever before in low mmr bracket, which is not an ideal scenario. The problem is that hero has never been op (or mb only the first patch after he got the change on his ult), but his kit makes him an ideal rofl pub stomper, which mean he'll be a pub cancer waaaay before he even get to the point he's balanced.

                                                  (According to patchlog, it's somehow okey for pos 2-3-4 to be pub cancer for 4months+, but when it's a pos 1 or pos 5, it has to be nerfed to the ground after 2 weeks -unless it's a pos1 that can be played middle WITHOUT support-). So slark's never going to be good, and he'll die off the day we will no longer be able to salvage his kit in some sort of poor man antimage.


                                                    reddit ruined slark

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