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General DiscussionHow do you not commit sudoku when you get a Jungle LC with Midas in y...

How do you not commit sudoku when you get a Jungle LC with Midas in your team? Pls help i am depressed in General Discussion



      Just be open minded. You'll meet such people once in Awhile. It's a free game and Dota is designed so you can do whatever the fuck you want. Give back to the community by trying right click Lich every once in awhile.


        And I mean you can still win man. Just adapt to the game. Dota is all about adapting. You have games where you lose early but you adapt and change the way you play. Or you could give up like a loser. Same when you have retard picks. Just try your best to adapt.

        I can't tell you how many triggering games I've played where every teammate is like oh you're pickin core? I'm gonna pick core too. Right to the last pick. Like it's wrong to pick core so I'm gonna pick core to punish you. But then u have interesting situations to try and play around. Including how to play more defensively early. And I've won many such games very satisfyingly because I don't play the same as I would with 2 supports.


          Just stop being depressed lol ez as that


            @jacked "Give back to the community by trying right click Lich every once in awhile." Hahaha that made me smile man, feels better now, thanks :P . I might have to actually try right click lich once xD
            Yeah i made this thread halfway through my game, 23 minutes in and thats all he had, midas and brown boots. Was losing hope, kept playing, enemy TB got an abandon right when they were about to get our last racks. Held on for a bit until our AM got farm and split pushed the hell out of them. Happy with that win. Its just when you lose the early game its so easy to get tilted and you tend to blame someone on your team... gotta adapt like you said I guess.


              @Umbranox ez to say that when you're a blue star lewl

              AOZAKI AOKO

                be the lc


                  pick io and relocate her to the ennemy fountain


                    LOL sudoku? That's a game. Seppuku you mean?

                    AOZAKI AOKO

                      i think he means sasuke


                        @malvin Whoooooosh!~

                        carry water

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                          AOZAKI AOKO



                              Weebs out

                              Pump Cultist

                                ^^ that's hot.


                                  I know sudoku is a game, but from whatever memes ive come across on 9gag sudoku was the word for suicide. Maybe im wrong lol. BTW I dont know what sepuku means i dont watch anime. lel


                                    The word was changed to sudoku as a joke


                                      its supposed to direct ppls minds to the samurai honorable suicide thing, isnt it?
                                      sudeki? :thinking:
                                      no, thats just another videogame

                                      < blank >

                                        So samurais were in fact solving riddles to keep their honour.

                                        stepmania elitist

                                          jesus christ jdf how do u find these


                                            is that still a thing? i thought we fucking purge it

                                            1-IceTea 🌟

                                              Adapt is the key as Mr Jacked said.
                                              I can adapt when my team have 2 jungler,I can adapt when 2 enemies come jungle non-stop to harass my farm is not too hard just change your way of playing abit


                                                LOL sudoku? That's a game. Seppuku you mean?

                                                How the fuck do you not know such an obvious joke like that is beyond my comprehension

                                                👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

                                                  LOL sudoku? That's a game. Seppuku you mean?

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                                                    ^this comic strip made my day.





                                                        Did you watch a mid or meepo video to get a jungle midas lengion?


                                                          "Regards Gecko" triggers me more than it should, which is not at all, IDK why... At least Tribo makes it funny by immediately following it up with "geckotardius" xD


                                                            jungle with him and help the lc farm jungle faster hahaha