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[New psychological research] Is it possible to predict success in Dota 2? Help us find out! in General Discussion

    We are two master students at the Department of Psychology at Umeå university, Sweden, that currently extending the scientific question of skill acquisition and performance to the domain of Dota 2. Read more and participate by visiting our website:

    Our goal is to shed light on the scientific value of examining one of the most advanced strategy games of our time, and to show that esports can be a great asset to the understanding of cognitive functioning.

    Please help us by taking part in one of the first major Dota 2 studies. The first 200 participants gets a Frostivus 2017 Treasure!

    Feedback, questions or comments are very welcome and can either
    be posted here or be sent to us at:

    Best regards,
    Christian & Sebastian

    stepmania elitist

      Filled the form, good luck with your research :)
      I'll do the forska one after I get on my PC

      Potato Marshal

        I don't even think 200 people frequent here


          Nice to hear, Bws! I really appriciate it :)

          And Potato, we're posting something on reddit later today also. And some other nice forums. And if you want: please spread this to your friends :D

          Potato Marshal

            But then that would decrease the chance of me getting the frostivus treasure :thinking:


              Yeah! Make sure to participate today, man :)


                I'm lazy to do your survey. What exactly you studying? There's been some studies done in the past looking at the same thing. It's an interesting topic with lots of pitfalls in study design.

                Sir htc vive pro

                  I just did the test!

                  As someone who studies Neuroscience (brainscience) and psychology, i have to recommend this!
                  This is legit!

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                  AOZAKI AOKO

                    i have your resulst

                    ure dogshit

                    Arian | Janex sin gullunge

                      test was fun xd


                        Thanks for participating! @Jacked we want to know if its possible to predict skilllevel in DOta 2 based on working memory capacity and peronality. And yeah, a lot of potential pit falls in the study design. Are you a researcher yourself?


                          Did the test. Goodluck!
                          Edit: also can you email the results maybe? I'm curious.

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                            THanks a ton! @Positivity Spreader, Ill check tomorrow if im able to extract your results. I might need to know your email to do that, though.

                            This Dark Horse Challenger

                              made the mistake of taking this test at 5am while a sleepless co-worker on the other desk was busy talking to himself, playing loud music, and calling out to me every now and then. I wish I could've taken this test again


                                what is up with the god damn universities, can't you just concentrate on scientific research and not some nonsensical bullshit about gaming?

                                Seriously, having a degree in 5 years will be worth less than shit with this kind of behaviour. Either get a job or study something useful ffs


                                  I don't see how this isn't scientific research. They are trying to find whether motivation/personality, working memory, or motor skills correlate the most to success in a competitive, time-consuming game that requires both fast hands and a sound mind. The insights can extend to any similar field where high stress competition and/or physical movements are necessary for success, which can help a whole variety of professionals.


                                    Apparently accidently pressing the "back" button on the mouse reset my results :/
                                    might try again tomorrow


                                      U know what if there was one variable I would've tested it would've been working memory. Very curious about the result. No I'm not a researcher.


                                        that letters + calculations shit was hard as fuck and eternal, but nice. KEEP THE FLAG UP

                                        Dog (very good)

                                          at least have the test tell us how we did compared to everybody after

                                          pawn 1

                                            why no give results of my mad skeelz? also, i misclicked in the sequence blinking thing and it dont let me remove the misclick


                                              This is fun. The result will come in about 30 minutes, right?

                                              Good luck OP

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                                                Jesus christ this was hard.


                                                  @OP How can you don't know our email addresses, when your survey alrdy asked about it, twice?


                                                    You know why don't you just give cash for participation lul


                                                      Thanks for all the feedback, guys! Ill see if i can answer u all in one post, hehe.

                                                      @DarkHorse, that sounds a bit tricky, man. But thanks for participating! :D

                                                      @Zemo-zan, I think you are a bit rude and don't really now what you are talking about. But im couries to hear any solid arguments for your stand point. I mean, I'm a 100 on @Sixes line. What we do here is great stuff.

                                                      @Sixe, thanks dude, we're on the same page here!

                                                      @Nick, aww shiet, that sucks, dude. There is still treasures left, so if you do it again - youll get one! Thanks alot for taking the time, m8. Its very much appriciated :D

                                                      @Jacked, working memory is indeed super interesting in regards of playing dota :)

                                                      @Lalorde, yeah that first task is constructed to be hard - glad you participated anyway! Much appriciated!

                                                      @Dog & Starplatinum, sorry guys, we're terrible programmers and as you've noticed the tasks are made in the simplest of ways, and we simply coldn't add feature like that, even thoguh we wanted to. Thanks though for participating!

                                                      @Herald, thanks, sir! Nah, you wont be able to see your results. But we'll publosh them on a group level in our thesis though!

                                                      @Scarifar, haha, hope you are alright. The tasks are super hard, but gives a great measure on working memory capacity. Thanks for particpating!

                                                      @Positivity, ofc we have your email in the data - but I was asking for it again since i dont know how I can know which one is you if your email isnt the same as ur username here. Is it like that? =)

                                                      @Jacked again, that would be super hard to administer since we have people from 20+ different countries participating right now :D


                                                        just completed that thing
                                                        i didnt challenge my memory with tests like these in years, it was pretty fun to me. finding a system to memorize letters while doing simple calculations, thats some great stuff!

                                                        the input system for test #3 is very slow, i needed to focus to not type too fast more than i focued on the actual test
                                                        in tests 1 and 2 you get instant feedback if you made mistakes. in test 3 you dont. i think thats not optimal


                                                          my head hurts after taking this
                                                          edit:sent the result to our emails please

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                                                          Positive Pepe

                                                            @Zemo-san you may not see it as non-beneficial but other people can see some potential that's why they are willing to create and participate in this kind of thing. No need to be rude and angry if you see it as a waste of time. This is science and you will experiment on everything you think might feed your curiosity. Though I know what you're coming from but Let's try to be open minded as much as possible. Have a great day.
                                                            @Zebrock Please mail us the result.


                                                              i know i'm pretty stupid, but can you just tell me how much below average am i?

                                                              i know you'll publish the overal results later, but can you just tell me as of right now how bad am i

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                                                                likewise same as cookie,pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just tell me were i stand


                                                                  As someone studying psychology (Finished my bachelors and going to start my masters in Clinical Psychology in the next intake) I found it pretty interesting ^^

                                                                  I must say though as I've administered a few research tests I actually did notice how certain wordings made certain things seem to have more of an importance than it actually does in the test which in turn might have led to my responses being just a bit more biased than the average test taker. (Even though I tried to not let it :3)

                                                                  Also using mnemonics helped greatly xD

                                                                  Only issue I had was the inability to correct what I wrote for the last part (I ended up accidentally pressing the wrong key by mistake for the last question in the last test. Although that is pretty much due to carelessness on my part I guess.) compared to the first test which actually does let you correct it if you pressed a wrong key.

                                                                  Regardless it was fun. Would like to see the result of your paper soon.


                                                                    all these cheaters using mnemonics

                                                                    tsk tsk tsk...

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                                                                      I actually bursted out at that xD

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                                                                      AOZAKI AOKO

                                                                        i was a bit mad at the test with squares where i missclicked like twice and couldnt undo the mistake
                                                                        same with numbers but i actually failed one sequence there where i forgot two numbers completely (or i just didnt press the keys? no idea)


                                                                          sounds boring, quantitative research with no robust identification strategy... something that is ok for master thesis, but worthless scientifically


                                                                            i did the test giff frostivus treasure pls

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                                                                                    Aww, oh well

                                                                                    서울메이트 [ 배주현 ]

                                                                                      still waiting on my item

                                                                                      Google Open AI -, 2.1.34

                                                                                        when will we be able to get the test result?

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                                                                                          Lmao the item was a lie guys what now


                                                                                            Hey, everyone! Yesterday we fisnished our initial validation and administration of the data. We have emailed the first 200 participants with information on how we'll give them their treasure.

                                                                                            Regarding the results: we wont be able to share any results on the cognitive tests for a while since we're still gathering data until 15th of March. Then we need some time to do our statistical analyzes in order to draw some conclusions. Thus, we cant say yet how an individual performance relates to the norm. But if you're really eager to know how you compare to the rest of the participants, send us and email in the end of match and we'll be glad to help u!

                                                                                            @Xod - thanks for the feedback and for your participation! :D Knowledge about how tests are made always influences how you go about when taking a test, we know all about it :D Good luck with your studies, m8!

                                                                                            @Jacked, Salza & Mudkipz - did you get our email?

                                                                                            @Story time: I think your comment is rude, and not knowledgeable at all. There is a great scientific value in exploring new methods in how to study cognitive functioning. What do you even mean with "no robust identifications strategy" and what do you know about our research plan that no one else does? Have you read it? You talk a lot, but I would be glad to see some facts backing you up, m8.


                                                                                              Dear, fellow dota player!

                                                                                              Thank you so much for participating in our study!

                                                                                              It took us several days to administer and validate the data, but now we’re done :) All of you who received this email have fulfilled the criteria to get a Frostivus 2017 Treasure as a symbol of our gratitude for your help.
                                                                                              Thanks a lot!

                                                                                              This is how the treasure give away will work:

                                                                                              We bought 200 treasures at tuesday this week. They are now on trade cooldown until tuesday next week, which
                                                                                              will be the 20th of february.


                                                                                              stop crying folks


                                                                                                @Dota 2 Study

                                                                                                Hi! Just finished completing the test today. Quite interesting and difficult as well!

                                                                                                In this study, we want to examine the relationship between cognitive functioning, personality and performance in Dota 2.

                                                                                                I was wondering which parts of the test help determine the personality of the test subject, since to me, they are something more akin to what can be found here:


                                                                                                I did intentionally take the test with the selfish purpose of winning the treasure, but I must say it reinvigorated my interest of the relation between Personality traits and Dota that I have had for quite some time. Nevertheless, I would still like to know if I have a chance at getting the treasure, since you mentioned on your website that there are 250 giveaways, not 200.

                                                                                                Thanks anyway, and good luck with your work!


                                                                                                  @Anomalina: Thanks for participating! We've sent you an email with the details regarding how we look at and measure peronality traits in this research. We cant share that information in public since it might effect people who has not yet participated :) Thanks for your curiosity, hope your quiestions gets answerd in the email.